While OG Kratom is widely known for its mega-popular line of sodas (if you’ve been to a BK-hosted party, you’ve definitely tried one), many kratom enthusiasts in Thailand might not know of the most effective way to ingest kratom: powder. Before drinks and other products went mainstream, kratom powders (contained in capsules) were the consumption method of choice for aficionados looking for mood-altering benefits and stress relief in a powerful package. OG Kratom’s powder, which comes in packets of 10 capsules, uses maeng da kratom from Pathum Thani—widely thought to be the most potent and pure form of the substance in the world. Even though many countries in Southeast Asia produce kratom, Thailand is often believed to have the highest-quality leaves in the world. You can catch OG Kratom’s products at cannabis dispensaries and health food shops across the country—and even transport it to countries where it is legal like the United States. 

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