Minutes away from Phra Khanong BTS station sits Cielo Sky Bar, one of the highest bars on the Sukhumvit line, and they’ve recently sectioned off an area for their sister bar, Nova Social Club, with a new cocktail lounge inspired by different layers of atmosphere.
All the way up to 46 storeys, Nova Social Club features a 180-degree view of the skyline. Hot tip: arrive around 6:30pm for some cool sunset shots—smog permitting. 
“I want the customers to come up here and indulge in the atmosphere from sunset to night time,” managing director Nutthaphat “Cream” Poolworaluk tells BK.
Nova Social Club gives off a cozy speakeasy vibe with speakers pumping disco and funky house tunes. Chestnut leather sofas line dimly lit corners of the room while the counter bar area adds an immersive experience. Drink in hand, you’ll catch a different mood as the sun dips across the skyline.
The tipple takes you through six atmospheric levels, playing with varying degrees of temperature and a different flavor profile with each drink.
Photo: Himalayan Cloud 
Starting at the troposphere level where we mortals live, BK ordered the Himalayan Cloud (B420), a curious velvet drink which gets its color from the butterfly pea dry vermouth. The fluffy cloud of himalayan salt encases each sip with complexity as it melts into the citrusy drink below.
Photo: Big Bang
Moving up a level, we arrive at the stratosphere. The lack of cloudy obstruction makes it the optimal level to fly planes. One of the bestsellers, Big Bang (B520) is served in a glass coated with green wine sugar gel. Explore the nutty and fruity flavors while the coating slowly mixes into the drink.
Photo: Ice Giant Uranus
On the interplanetary level, the drinks reflect the sudden drop of temperature in this cosmic plane. Ice Giant Uranus (B450) is a smoky yet refreshing slushie involving key flavors from pomelo and lychee. The icy texture makes it addictive, but the alcohol will certainly give you a kick.
In every atmospheric level, there’s also a mocktail option to go along with the theme. We tried out the Red Aurora (B290), a non-alcoholic bev that takes visual cues from the northern lights. The blend of frozen strawberry mixed with pineapple is served in a sub-zero temp, giving you the shivers.
Photo: Popcorn Shrimps
Their food menu is also stacked with bar grub. To share with company, the popcorn shrimp (B390) are fun and airy prawns bites served alongside a zesty aioli dip. 
Photo: Truffle Toast
But for those who want something simple, go for the truffle toast (B450). The slender slice of homemade brioche is coated with buttery, fragrant truffle paste, and topped with shaved black truffle. It’s a reliable snack that won’t go soft on you as you make your way through the cocktails. 
46F, Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant, 081 916 4270, Open daily 5pm-1am

Photo: Supernova Eclispe
Photo: Kilonova