Nattachai and Teerapat Ungsriwong, the brains behind Devanom IPA, which was named Thailand’s best IPA at the 2016 Beercamp: Fightclub competition, have launched a new project called Nonthaburi Brewing Company.

The company is legally registered with a fermented alcohol license, which grants them the right to produce non-distilled beverages like wine, cider and mead, but not beer. 

The first batch of Nonthaburi Mead, made from longan honey from a farm in Chiang Mai fermented with mineral water and yeast, will be unleashed this week in limited supplies. Mead (or "honey wine") is argued to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man.

For now, less than 100 bottles will be available only at two bars: Turtle Bar in Pakkred, Nonthaburi (available from Sep 12), and Dok Kaew House Bar in Ari (available from 6:30pm on Sep 14).

Those who miss out this time can expect far larger batches of 2,000-3,000 bottles per month in the near future. Next year, the brothers plan to launch a new label of either mead or cider every month or two.

Despite this latest progress, the much-loved Devanom IPA continues to be brewed outside of Thailand (in Cambodia, to be precise) before being shipped back home.

The brothers are also the guys behind Thailand’s first hops farm, Deva Farm & Cafe