Silom’s Decho road is now home to a new retro-futuristic nightclub, Fuchsia. The venue, which will reportedly focus on deep house and techno tunes, comes from some of the city’s best F&B minds, Watermelon Group, which count Rabbit Hole, Crimson Room, Bar Marco, and Canvas under their umbrella. 
The interior feels like stepping into a retro-futuristic paradise that pays homage to old Parisian underground aesthetics with opulent iron fixtures, stained glass windows, neon-lit saloons, plush velvet booths, and inviting seats crammed pretty much everywhere you look. 
It’s not all pretty fixtures for the pictures, either. The club is bringing some serious music firepower for its launch. Over the coming weeks the club will see some legendary DJs hit the decks, like David Chong, Mendy Indigo, Marmosets, and Notep among others. The space also boasts some fun clubbing “accouterments”, like pole dancers swinging and swaying across different areas of the club and state-of-the-art projection mapping that showers the venue in lights. 
You can catch updates about future DJ line-ups through the venue’s Instagram page
Decho Road, Silom. Open daily 8pm-late