A playful homage to the famous Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company, Bukowski & Co is Songwat’s latest community bar that’s all about fostering community and spontaneity. 
To mirror its Parisian inspiration, Bukowski & Co sets up on top of Bad Poutine, the blasphemous poutine joint that takes a departure from its Quebecoise roots in service of the Thai taste buds.
After walking up their narrow red staircase, you’ll be comforted with the homey vibes. Most elements like the furniture and cocktail glasses have little quirks that reflect the co-owner’s melting pot of eclectic personalities. A red heart shaped table, a row of cinema chairs, “Kids” (1995) poster, a film projector—every piece is a conversation starter. 
At the back of the room there’s a small selection of art books, kitschy fashion magazines, and novels for drinkers to thumb through. The counter bar area is decked with karaoke-esque fairy lights, art pieces, and a growing school of fish doodled on the wall by friends of the bar.
As above, so below. The comfort food on the first floor (which you can order upstairs) parallels the drinks on the second. Every couple of days, the spot will rotate out a different bartender, so you’ll get a customized experience that’s tailored by the bartender’s personality and expertise.
There's a Korean bartender is a champ at mixing makgeolli.
And co-owner Kong who shines with gin based drinks. 
“It’s also ingredient-based so it’s kind of an omakase experience,” Kong says. 
These cocktails don’t really have a name and can be tweaked on the fly. We tried out a Japanese gin based drink (B320) which reminds us of onigiri because of the fragrant jasmine rice syrup and heaty wasabi. There’s also a dab of wasabi on top of the crunchy seaweed garnish, but it maintains a minty and slightly tingly sensation shaken into the drink. 
If you run into another co-owner, Pixie, the first thing you should ask for is his homemade pastrami sandwich (B350). It’s really difficult to get it right at this price. The tried and tested comfort bite packs the slightly fatty and melt in your mouth brisket with dijon mustard and pickles. It’s served alongside some salted crisps.
For drinks, Pixie is known for fruity and refreshing notes. “It’s kind of trashy, not a rich flavor, and a bit spicy,” he describes.
Their fixed menu is inspired by films. If you’re a fan of beer, you can go for Kids (B300) which tastes similar to a Doctor Pepper. The cherry notes and the beer bomb adds a smoky burnt syrup sweetness to the mix. Or for something a bit tropical and heaty, you can go for Fear & Loathing (B280).
Songwat is booming, and Bukowski & Co. aims to be the new community space where you can trade in the button-up cocktail lounges and the hardcore party scene for a little catch up session with friends.
1338B Song Wat Rd., 086 996 0095, Open Fri-Tues 5:30-11:30pm; Wed 5-11pm.