Never Normal, Lad Phrao’s well-known creative space started by ad agency pros, is stepping up its F&B game with Wawa, a sort of hybrid cafe and bar on the first floor—and it really blurs the lines between day and night drinking spots. 
Never Normal originally opened a year before the pandemic as a space to highlight local talent across a range of creative industries, especially music but also photography, performance art, and workshops.
After the Covid restrictions eased, Never Normal moved to the second floor, leaving the first floor open to new opportunities like Wawa.
“It’s a cafe for late risers,” said Natakorn “Korn” Leelhasuwan, Never Normal’s F&B brand manager. “All of our staff work late night shifts and our day actually starts in the evening. Unfortunately, a lot of cafes will already be closing up, so this is just the place for people like us.”
The drinks here are a mixture of classic cocktails and coffee—in effect mixing uppers and downers in the least dangerous way possible. Apparently this is the same appeal that led to the espresso martini, where either Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell (no one can agree which model it was) wandered into a bar and ordered “something to wake me up and fuck me up at the same time.” 
For starters, Korn recommends “Another Evening” (B300), which is a blend of Americano, G&T, and a dash of lemon. 
If you’re not a fan of coffee, go for the “Not So Sweet Matcha (B320). 
“The base of this drink is a matcha martini recipe but we added milk and cream so it wouldn’t be too strong for an evening sip,” Korn says. 
“Cacao Old Fashioned” (B320) is also another alternative concocted with cacao infused bourbon and Angostura bitters.
We’ve been told the owner’s day job involves color grading, which explains why the venue is sprinkled with pops of color and contrasted with dark wood furniture.
“I think the atmosphere is very cozy and homey,” said Korn. “Our place is in the heart of the city but we have a huge pond nearby and the walls are made of glass. It’s quite a stunning view when the sun sets.” 
The spacious bar counter also accompanies both large hangouts and private conversation. Sometimes Never Normal will host pre-booked events. Otherwise, customers are free to explore the two stories with a drink in hand. 
35, 10 Lat Phrao 18 Alley, 063-429-9365. Open Wed-Sun 4pm-midnight.