Maybe it was a concert, maybe it was an air guitar championship, maybe you just stumbled there from Brownstone, but after a few months’ hiatus, Custard Studio—the live music and pop-up event space—reopened in On Nut this weekend.
Throwing their first live show since they closed their doors in February, Custard Studio put on their “Gone Fishing” show on Thursday last week. The next show is Plantpot III set for this coming Saturday, May 20, featuring four bands including the Porter Bhoys, U-Key and The Sailers, 15 Strange Seconds, and One Man Standing. Expect good music, visuals, and, for some reason, plants. 
“l'll also do bigger (louder) gigs in the main room from time to time under the Custard banner,” owner Joe Delaney relayed to BK Magazine, saying they are hoping to get a variety show going. 

In addition to acts big and small, Custard Studio put on the much publicized air guitar championships last year. The space is a large studio near the On Nut mainstay of the Brownstone up On Nut Rd., complete with a fun little outdoor area for chilling when the music gets a little too wild.
1395 On Nut Rd., 064-047-5970. Events here