The buzz: The newly opened Inside Bar is just a brief walk from BTS Chong Nonsi Station, and once inside you’re met with a sleek two-storey bar.  Under the watchful eye of cocktail maven Francesco Moretti and ice sculptor Art Hongpong who boasts a gold medal in the arts and culture division of the Olympic Games and has sculpted for the likes of Bill Clinton and Mike Tyson.  Here, all that magic is in your drink. 
The vibe: The venue embodies modernity, where clean lines, metallic accents, and neon lights cast a spotlight against the shiny marble top table. Embodying a seductive vibe, the thoughtfully designed space allows you to prop up at the bar for a drink or settle into velvet sofas designed for lounging. The ambiance is further enhanced by a curated soundtrack, setting the stage for bartender theatrics. Whether it’s the bartenders crafting cocktails or handing over shakers to guests to whip up concoctions, the bar breaks down the boundaries between bartenders and guests, and the vibe is just a big non-stop party. 
The drinks: Inside Bar offers a cosmically inspired drink menu, a reflection of Francesco’s fascination with horoscopes. The menu is divided into five sections, each encapsulating aspects of one’s life journey. Before Life invites you to explore planetary flavors, like the cocktail Akemi, a Japanese-inspired concoction featuring roku gin, peach, lychee water, and lemon verbena. It’s a delicate and floral drink where the roku gin’s notes of cherry blossoms and Earl Grey tea harmonize with the subtle sweetness of the lychee and peach. Transitioning to Welcome to Life, you’re bound to get a sugar rush. Here you’re treated to the I Want Chocolate, a libation reminiscent of a chocolate milkshake paired with a toasted marshmallow covered in sprinkles. There’s also the Coke Addiction which is a Coca-Cola reduction combined with aged campari and cherry cola foam. The wow factor is the presentation in a red tin box filled with dry ice and a spotlight, making you feel like you’re opening a treasure chest. The third section of the menu is What You Need for Life which pays homage to the four elemental forces with the Soft Floral drink which features Matusalem rum with green cardamom, elderflower, and a sparkling wine foam. The rum has hints of honey, vanilla, and molasses, which works with the cardamom and elderflower to help achieve a silky texture. The last section, Your Future Life brings you the innovative Coconut Grove, blending freshly brewed coffee with the tropical flavors of coconut and a hint of sesame oil. This combination of bitter coffee and creamy coconut creates a nutty, milky, yet bitter flavor. And for those with a sense of adventure, Inside Bar allows guests to step behind the bar and craft their own drinks, making your visit an interactive one. 

Why we’d come back: There's a lot to uncover at this two-story tavern. There will be more to come, with a wine bar opening upstairs and upcoming food options. The extensive cocktail menu ensures repeated returns, making sure each adventure you choose will be different every time. 
4, Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Sathon., 065-518-7199. Open Tues-Sun 6pm-2am.