Much ado was made of the 60,000sqm, 24-hour outdoor mall at the half-finished Marche at Thonglor, and now the space is welcoming Thonglor’s next big cocktail and club experience: Echelon. 
The new space is inspired by Snowpeircer—but not the Chris-Evans-roach-eating-bit. No, this place is a train car from the future filled with plush reds and sleek silver of first class, emblazoned with the neon, “Too alien for Earth, too human for outer space.”
Expect low lights and art deco style. Starting at 6pm this stylish new spot acts as a cocktail bar serving wild and sci-fi drinks like the Chemical X (B390) featuring gin, midori and tonic; for something more upscale for your sweetheart you’ve got the Goddess of Love (B790) with Lillet, cointreau, rose tea, lychee foam, and garnished with an actual rose.
With a DJ booth at one end, the space turns into a nightclub after 10:30pm, complete with a space for dancing and almost theater-in-the-round style seating. 
Echelon is one of the many new spaces the local Thonglor crowd can look forward to with the new offerings of the large Marche, currently featuring Tops Market, three food trucks outside, wellness clinics, and a lot of room for growth in a space that will be half-finished for sometime to come. Go before it gets crowded. 
Marche Thonglor, 148, Thonglor Rd., 092-535-6558. Open 6pm-late.