The buzz: You’ve heard of Thonglor’s Find the Locker Room, and now they’ve brought back the spot in Bantadthong for a relaunch of its sister bar, Find the Photo Booth. Originally established in 2018, the drinking spot was one of many that halted their businesses due to the pandemic. This comeback is led by all-star international founders: Colin Chia from Singapore’s Nutmeg & Clove; Hidetsugu Ueno from Tokyo’s Bar High Five; Nick Wu from Taipei’s Bar Mood; Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn and Chennarong Bhumichitr from Bangkok’s Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar, winner of Best Cocktail Menu, Best Cocktail Bar, and Best New Bar at the 2023 BAD Awards.
The vibe: If you have trouble finding the venue, you’re meant to. Speakeasies are still all the rage. Keep your head on a swivel for a trendy looking shophouse with minty green walls and, as advertised, some photo booths to take before and after selfies. Once you’re let inside the pseudo-secret bar, you’ll be greeted with a futuristic 60s interior with curved terracotta walls. Round tables, cushy long sofas, corner and bar stools welcome all hangouts. The playlist goes all out—afterall, it’s a bar inspired by music—covering everything from throwback Beyonce and K-pop hits to T-pop sensation Ally Nitibhon, and the space shifts to live music after 9pm. Scan the spotify QR code on the menu, to take the tunes with you. 
The drinks: “We would like the customers to read the menu like a music sheet,” explains group creative and program director Rojanat “Ping” Chareonsri. The menu is tucked in a CD case, and the classic cocktails progress from A to G chords with revamped signatures on the B-side. For a nifty little cheat sheet, the musical chords beside the drinks’ names give you a sneak peek into the drink’s character. Flat is more fruity, minor is more fizzy, sharp is stronger, and seven is sour. Strum along to the easy A-Flat (B390) for your first glass, a concoction with some homemade cinnamon, apple tea syrup, and amarena cherry. The D-Sharp (B380) is a silent killer with its unassuming clear hue, but the added grapefruit, strawberry milk punch, and rum base make for a subtle kick that pairs well with the nibbles. Back to some refreshers with an ode to the grasshopper, the G-Flat Seventh (B450) puts a little pep in your dance steps with its minty and tamarind notes, decorated with aromatic tarragon and butterfly-shaped white chocolates. Hit the crescendo with E-Seventh (B420), a play on an El Diablo mixed with some earthy beetroot to be downed with a ginger gummy garnish. The venue also has a selection of spirits including wine, beer, and non-alcoholic bevs for the designated drivers in the gang.
The food: Reflecting the international identities of the founders, the snacks are made up of ingredients familiar across Asian cuisines. Whether you’re running solo or with a crew, the Singaporean spicy chili tofu (B190) and the spinach and cheese dip (B250) served with wonton crisps are worth a try. The concept is similar to having tortillas or crisps with dips. We recommend pairing these with more neutral tipples such as the D-Sharp and the G-Flat Seventh. Traditionally served with dim sum breakfasts, the three-piece jumbo-sized steamed shrimp siu mai with shrimp roe on top (B150) serves as an equally satisfying hangover munchies.
Why we’d come back: Compared to Thonglor’s Find the Locker Room, Bantadthong’s Find the Photo Booth does in fact feel like a secret hideaway (at least for now). Set in an unappreciated neighborhood, you’ll find some gems on this street pre and post drinking sesh. Its unique takes on rare classics will have you coming back for more. Who knows, maybe a sophomore album is coming up. 
1/F, Bantadthong Road, 080-078-9265, Open Wed-Sun 7pm-2am.
D-Sharp inspired by Salty Dog
G-Flat Seventh inspired by Grasshopper
E-Seventh inspired by El Dialblo