Thonglor nightlife natives are already familiar with this award-winning hidden speakeasy and their Time Capsule signatures, but Find the Locker Room’s new menu expands on the concept, adding cocktails inspired by era defining fashion, toys, and music of the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s.
In the 90s, nothing was a bigger fashion statement than the Nike Air Max. Iconic (B490) attempts to capture these sneakers with a layered drink. With wassabi gin, yogurt, and yuzu base followed by a citrus water that gives the drink an orange hue, it replicates the sneakers’ bubble sole with a fluffy apple foam—the first thing you taste followed by the acidic, zesty notes. 
Mean Girls or Legally Blonde fans will remember the pink velour tracksuit that’s essential to the noughties. Bougie Princess (B480) is a hot pink and easy-to-drink sweet and sour tipple with an aromatic toasted smell reminiscent of sinking your teeth into a warm breakfast pastry.
For the gamers out there, Mushroom Kingdom (B460) will transport you back to the age of Mario. It's one of the stronger drinks in the line up thanks to the touch of whiskey and absinthe but still easy to down due to its tropical notes. The juice extracted from salt marinated shiitake gives it a distinctive musk.
I Choose You! (B480) is one of the most eye-catching top orders. The bisected drink inspired by the Pokemon ball is made up of yuzu cream and beetroot cream with a blueberry button. The heavy body on top makes it feel like you’re eating a cupcake— except the end game is a boozy Japanese sake at the bottom. Gotta catch ‘em all! 
Paying homage to “Cigarettes & Alcohol by the Oasis,” a song about the youth turning to drugs to take the pressures off, Angst of a Generation recreates the dark, spicy, smoky sensation in the lyrics with some stout beer and herbs.
From the line “whistle like a missile” by Blackpink, comes Target Locked, a drink dedicated to one of the biggest girl groups of the decade. Reflecting the multinationality of the members, the cocktail glass is split in half. The liquid is mixed with strawberry makgeolli and spicy tamarind sauce (similar to the drizzle served with Thai fish balls). The gelatinous half is oolong jelly.
And, as you might guess, the music also runs with this concept, so expect the speakeasy to be pumping out everything from throwback Pussy Cat Dolls to disco and house music.
406, Thonglor, 098 287 1898. Open daily 6pm-late.