During the week of Nov 18-25, many of Bangkok's top bars will join forces in a special-cocktail-menu celebration of local spirits.

Drink Local wants to boost appreciation of Thailand's burgeoning array of craft spirits by bringing them to customers in creative drinks. On the special menus, you’ll find some of our favorites, like Iron Balls Gin, Chalong Bay Rum, Grandma Jinn, Malai Thai Spirits, Issan Rum, Kristal and Three Monkeys Rums.

For this round of Drink Local, the bars championing the Thai booze include Bamboo Bar, The Locker Room, Bunker, Rabbit Hole, Tropic City, Teens of Thailand, among others. Each venue will be home to one spirit, concocting a new signature drink that best highlights the profile of that alcohol. More info TBA.

The bars will also host masterclasses and workshops, where you, too, can try your hand at bartending. These include a Chalong Bay masterclass at Crying Thaiger on Nov 20 and a Three Monkeys masterclass at Tep Bar on Nov 19.All this comes with no door charge. The timetables will be posted on the Drink Local website or the Bootleggers Facebook page.

The week of drinking ends with a closing party hosted by The Commons on Nov 25. Each bar will have a booth serving their signature local-spirit cocktail.

All events are free of charge and open to public.