These days, Bangkok is bursting with microbreweries full of locally made craft beers to gulp down, and now the city now has another one: Burbrit.
Opening earlier this month, the venue’s name is a portmanteau of “Burmese” and “British,” which are the nationalities of the four founders. As you might guess it specializes in craft beers from neighboring Myanmar.
You’ll find it in the same building as the Holiday Inn at the edge of Sukhumvit 22, next to the bright and large Kush House dispensary. The neighborhood’s new booze den offers six craft beers on tap from Myanmar with more on the way, according to the staff.
There are already four Burbrit locations in the brand’s native Myanmar, three in Yangon and one in Naypyidaw, but this is its first expansion into another country. 
This isn’t a tiny bar either. The Bangkok branch has plenty of space for customers to chill and drink, including an indoor area and a patio.
Although the patio’s roof is still under construction, customers are free to sit and drink out there during operating hours. It features a wide open space with speakers blaring Burmese pop music in between classics like Maroon 5 and Coldplay that help drown out the noise traffic outside. Best of all for sports fans, there is a big projector screen to watch all the big games and should be a good spot to come with the lads and cheer away. 
The interior is stylized like a modern British pub, with black marble floor tiling, high ceilings, decorative wall art and retro posters of the craft beers on sale. It all sets the ambiance nicely. There are more than six taps behind the bar, but at the moment only six craft beers are available on draft. 
Looking to head back after a night of heavy drinking? There are a slew of motorcycle taxis nearby to take you home or elsewhere. 
Take it easy with the light Golden Ale (B180) or the citrusy, banana-scented Padaung Weizen (B230). If you’re looking for something that will get you tipsy, go for their signature Ayeyarwady IPA (B290). A handful of juices and soft drinks are also available.
As for food, the bar offers what you’d expect from a pub: pizzas, burgers, salads, steaks and all that other good pub grub. Some of the mains to watch out for include BBQ spare ribs (B490), and the duck confit served with a choice of fries or mashed potatoes (B480) among others. 
Burbrit began their Oktoberfest menu last week and it lasts until the end of this month, with a special menu including a sausage platter (B688) and crispy pork knuckle (B788). Both options are paired with two German pilsner or weizen.
This article was originally published with BK media partner Coconuts Bangkok.