Tucked behind a row of shophouses, Asoke’s latest bar takes ingredients believed to bring good fortune and crafts them into Chinese-Thai inspired cocktails.

The lowest floor was transformed from the owner’s family home into a private cocktail lounge; the entrance behind the shophouses is to avoid disturbing the neighbors.  

Photo: Second floor lounge / BK Magazine

Since the family is also in the business of selling Asian-influenced furniture, the interior is awash in dark woods. A spacious bar counter takes up half of the first floor, and the remaining seating area is made up of round tables and wooden stools. For those who want even more privacy, there’s a closed off drinking lounge on the second floor.

The ribbed wall panels and a giant marble piece behind the bar display the lucky four-corner bat symbol in the logo, and the state-of-the-art chrome orb lodged in the ceiling is a call back to the garnishes on the drinks. Throughout the space, warm lighting emanates from candle-lit lanterns and flower shaped bulbs hanging down from above, making the whole scene feel like a still from a Studio Ghibli movie.

Photo: Cup of Cha Cha / BK Magazine

Upon entering, you’ll receive a complimentary oolong tea to ease your spirit. For our first lucky drink of the night, we opt for the Cup of Cha Cha (B360) which is a cross cultural glass infusing Jasmine tea with the Thai style lemon iced tea—and of course some tequila. The refreshing drink is paired with a sweet ginger candy, adding a bit of bite and depth to the light starter.

Photo: Mango Cult / Bk Magazine

Mango Cult (B360) is one of the popular hits. Inspired by the famous (and lucky) fruit and the spiced-filled sensation of traversing a lively market, the cocktail marries its tropical flavors with aromatic herbs like the kaffir leaves. And it doesn’t miss with the Thai style prik klue, the salty sweet and spicy fruit dipping, sprinkled on the rim of the glass like a margarita.

Photo: Five Spice / Blessing Shophouse 

End the night with one of their signature spirit-forward cocktails. We recommend the Five Spice (B420), a rum based drink infused with fragrant cinnamon, sichuan pepper, cloves, and star anise. Just looking at the list of ingredients, you can already taste the inspiration: the Palo, pork and eggs stewed in brown gravy. 

Photo: Solar Dynasty / BK Magazine

If you’ve got room for another savory drink, try the Solar Dynasty (B420). Their experimental whiskey soaked in beef fat gives it a rich base, and the bloody beetroot brings in a bit of earthiness. It is served with the addictive spicy konjac marinated in mala sauce which shares a similar texture to fresh jellyfish. 

6 5 Sukhumvit 14 Alley, 095 596 4655, Open Wed-Sun 6pm-12am