Bangkok's about to lose one of it's most creative secret bars, with The Locker Room set to close its doors.

As first reported by Drink Magazine, the Thonglor speakeasy will cease operations from Jan 1, 2018.

Hidden behind a wall of grungy lockers, The Locker Room brought together some of some of Asia's top mixology talents whose drinks reinterpreting the classics stirred up serious word of mouth despite the bar's complete lack of social media presence. 

Just last month, The Locker Room won the Best Drinks category in BK's debut B.A.D. Awards 2017, for which we wrote: 

Once you’ve figured out how to open the door, you will be blessed with a drink list set in the “Past, Present and Future.” Hidetsugo Ueno from Bar High Five in Tokyo took part choosing six of his favorite classic cocktails for the menu, while Colin Chia from Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore) collaborated with Nick Wu (third in the World Class Cocktail Competition 2016) to add their “Present” versions with infusion twists. Ronnaporn “Neung” Kanivichaporn from our own Backstage Bar, meanwhile, graced the drinks with high-wire methods like sous-vide in his “Future” adaptations. Plus, they taste so outstanding that you don’t have to be a cocktail-snob to enjoy them.

Before the closing date, the bar will host a Christmas and thank you party on Dec 21-22. According to Drink Magazine, the team of five owners plan to continue their partnership, with more news forthcoming.

Check out our video of The Locker Room below:

JIA Thonglor, 225/15 Thonglor Soi 10, 092-895-3689. Open daily 8pm-2am