The owner of one of Bangkok’s most popular late-night techno clubs, Ratchada's Mustache, has declared a ban on mobile phones on the dance floor. 

Mustache proprietor Olivier Alexandre took to his public Facebook page on Jan 19 to say, "I will ban the mobile phone on the dance floor from today.. Fak the future [sic]."



What initially could have been perceived as an offhand remark turned out to have the support of many party-goers. 

Another post, shared to both Alexandre's personal Facebook page and the official Mustache page, reads: "No phones on the dancefloor please. It kills the vibe and makes you look like a boring bastard." 



We reached out to Alexandre to find out more, and he explained that the rule is already being enforced. The image embedded above is actually a sign that's displayed in front of Mustache's dance floor.

"They [the customers] can use it [mobile phones] in other areas of the club, just not the dance floor," Alexandre said. "My staff will ask the customers to not use their phones if they see anyone using them.”

The reason is simple: "It could help Bangkok to get a better dance floor.” 

While this kind of rule might be new to our selfie-loving city, it's not without precedence abroad. For example, Berlin's near-mythical nightclub Berghain has a strict no-photo/video policy and requires that partygoers place colorful stickers over their phone cameras before they enter. 

Could Mustache be Bangkok's equivalent of Berghain? The club hidden in a soi off Ratchadaphisek Road is best known for its techno music and late, late after-parties. The new rule is in place in time for the club's fourth anniversary on Feb 8 (see the Facebook event page).

What do you think, does the threat of rogue mobile-phone footage stop you from really letting loose on the dance floor, or is it more a case of "Instagram Story or it didn't happen"? Tell us in the comments section.

Mustache, 544/5 Ratchadaphisek Soi 7. Open daily 9pm till late.