About time.

It was only time before Bangkok jumped on the craft soda bandwagon. But a better set of people couldn’t have picked up the challenge.

The newly minted Bangkok Soda company comes from a team that includes Fred Meyer, the restaurateur behind foodie bastions Pizza Massilia and Issaya Siamese Club (as well as the man we have to thank for bringing Bordier butter here).

His latest creation sees real Thai fruits including mango, passion fruit, mandarin and lime turned into sweet (courtesy of local cane sugar) fizzy drinks that are set to become a fixture of decent bars city-wide. He also has a cola planned for the end of the year.

Our favorite, though, is the "Siamese Tonic," which instead of tonic water's usual quinine (a medication first used to treat malaria), gets its bitterness from a natural mix of lemongrass, pomelo peel and kaffir lime leaf—take that, hangover.

You can currently find Bangkok Soda behind the bar at 1881 by Water Library and for delivery through Pasta.go. Prices range from B100-140. Issaya Siamese Club and Namsaah Bottling Trust will have it in stock by the end of the month.