Everyone knows you go to Tempered Co for your chocolate fix. But what's better than a hot cup of cocoa? A sinful chocolate martini, of course. With the owners’ expertise in property development, they’ve took the five-story office building on a lush Ruamrudee Soi and transformed it into their budding chocolate empire: Tempered Cooperative. Now, it’s After Tempered for the chocolate with a kick. 
After Tempered Cocktail Bar is on the second floor, featuring a softly lit speakeasy and three distinctive chocolate concoctions on their cocktail menu. They're now in their soft opening, with three unique drinks made with, you guessed it, chocolate.
The Arcadia is served using naim leaf-infused white rum, soda, 35% white chocolate, coconut, and jasmine, which is both creamy and fruity in taste with added floral notes of coconut and vanilla from the jasmine. Or there’s the tempered martini, with 75% dark chocolate, vodka, and Frangelico liquor. Topped with a slab of their homemade milk chocolate with bits of hazelnut, it’s a dangerous drink, like a slightly bitter chocolate milk. 
Try their white chocolate, salted butter, and matcha concoction for an off-the-menu drink. The caramelly nuttiness of the white chocolate tempers the tea’s grassiness—sweet but not too sweet and smooth. All of their chocolates are handcrafted, with various single-origin chocolate possibilities, so keep an eye out for many more chocolate-curated cocktails in the near future. 
59, Soi Ruam Rudi, 2 Witthayu Rd., 092-828-5444, Open daily 8am-6pm.