In cinemas Sep 7. 

GDH just released the first teaser for its upcoming film, The Promise, directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit (whose credits include Ladda Land and The Swimmers), and featuring prominently is Sathorn Unique Tower, that abandoned monument of economic failure better known as Ghost Tower.
According to film house, the story looks back at 20 years since the 1997 Tom Yum Kung financial crisis through the life of a businesswoman. At the time of the crisis, she made a promise to her best friend that they would end their lives together at Sathorn Unique. But while she somehow survived and went on to forge a successful career, her friend was not so lucky. However, now that friend is back to see that the promise is fulfilled.
As part of the promotional campaign, GDH is pushing the line that the building itself plays a role as one of the film's most important protagonists, whatever that means. Guess we'll find out more when The Promise hits cinemas on Sep 7. 
Sathorn Unique, the 47-story unfinished building on Charoenkrung Road dubbed “Ghost Tower” since its abandonment during the Tom Yum Kung economic crisis of 1997, has long been a drawcard for adventurous travelers as well as a rumored site of paranormal activity. Earlier this year, we interviewed Pansit Torsuwan (read here), the low-profile owner of the building, about his attempts to ward off trespassers, as well as pesky filmmakers.
"Lots of people have wanted to use the tower as a movie location but I have refused them all. I even turned down a Hollywood movie—Superman, I think—because if people recognized it, the tower would become an even bigger attraction. If someone proposed a documentary that I thought would benefit others, then I might say yes," Pansit told us.  
Check out the teaser for The Promise below:


Watch BK's own short video on "The True History of Sathorn Ghost Tower":