Next time you head to the BTS station you could be in for a nice surprise. 

The Book Fairies is an international movement that leapt into life in March this year, in which people leave books in public places for others to discover.
The campaign, which grabbed headlines when British actress Emma Watson left copies of books like Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou on London's Underground, has since spread to more than 26 countries—and now Bangkok. 
Already there have been reports of titles like Tuesdays with Morrie, The Little Prince and Cat in the Rain and Other Selected Short Stories popping up at events like TEDxBangkok and BTS stations like Siam and Sala Daeng.
The Book Fairies Bangkok group announces its titles and drop-off locations via social media, namely FaceookTwitter and Instagram. After finishing a book, readers are then supposed to share the love by passing it on to others. 
Happy treasure hunting!