Honeypot Wax Boutique

The place: This waxing studio is hard to miss, welcoming you with sassy hot pink and black decor that encourages boldness and bravery before the treatment. The waxing rooms feature the same statement pink walls, with a cart filled with waxing equipment stationed next to the bed.
The equipment: They offer everything from basic bikini to Brazilian and Hollywood waxes using their specialized in-house, thick and creamy cherry-scented hot wax formula, which they claim is most suited for sensitive skin and sensitive areas. Hygiene is paramount, with staff always wearing gloves and a strict policy against double dipping spatulas. The studio also boasts a good range of after-care products, which contain soothing natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon tea tree essential oil. Opt for the “Goodbye Forever” treatment spray to help minimize stubborn ingrown hair or the antibacterial “Minty Aloe Joe” after-wax gel to give your intimate area some TLC. 
The cost: B700 for a basic bikini, B1,500 for Hollywood and B1,000-1,700 for Brazilian.
4/F, CentralWorld, Rama 1 Rd., 02-646-1036. Open daily 10:30am-9pm. www.honeypot.co.th 

The Waxing Bar

The place: Very modern and subtly stylish. The salon boasts an airy, almost all-white decor, while the long sofa in the lounge area comes in a statement red. Hangers, robes and slippers are provided in the rooms, and a Thai herbal welcome drink is offered to help you feel at ease before the treatment.
The equipment: The specialists use hot wax and strip wax from Australia’s top cruelty-free waxing brand Lycon, which claims to contain the finest natural resins, beeswax and other aromatherapy ingredients that help soothe and nurture sensitive skin. For hot wax, there are four main scents for you to choose from, including strawberry, rose, chocolate and vanilla—who would’ve thought that waxing sessions could be so indulgent? The standard of hygiene here is high, with a strict no double-dipping policy, as well as no re-using of wax or strips.
The cost: B1,500 for bikini, B1,800 for Brazilian and Hollywood.
3/F, Amarin Plaza, Phloen Chit Rd., 084-710-1000. Open daily 10am-9pm. www.thewaxingbar.co.th

La Nature 

The place: Small and cozy with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere thanks to the light, pastel yellow walls, plant pots dotted around and Thai touches like pictures of orchids and mural paintings.
The equipment: The salon specializes in waxing all body parts for both women and men, using Clean+Easy Sensitive Wax from the US (contains chamomile and azulene to help soothe and calm the skin) as well as two hard wax brands—Caron and Cirepil from Australia and France. And don’t worry about hygiene, as they also have a very strict rule of no re-use and no double dipping of wax.
The cost: Bikini waxing starts at B500-700, while Brazilians and Hollywood for men and women cost B1,000.  
B/F, Lumpini Park View Condo, Rama 4 Rd., 02-677-6530. Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. www.lanaturebangkok.com

Strip, Ministry of Waxing BK Pick!

The place: The Central Embassy branch of this Singapore-hailing waxing expert gives off a luxe-slash-zen vibe courtesy of polished concrete floors, plush lavender armchairs and light colored wood paneling with gold accents. There are six treatment rooms in total.
The equipment: Everything is designed to offer Brazilian virgins a waxing experience that is as pain-free as possible. Their Strip Berry Chocolate wax is specially formulated with this goal in mind, while their limited edition Desert Rose wax comes packed with aloe vera and chamomile extracts to help hydrate and soothe the skin, and to reduce redness and irritation after treatment. They also offer more advanced treatments such as Strip Powerpac, a patented Advanced Fluorescence Technology available exclusively at Strip that involves specially filtered light to weaken hair follicles and delay hair growth. Strip prides itself for its high standard of hygiene, meaning no double dipping of spatulas and no re-use of wax. Pre-sealed disposable waxing packs are offered for every customer.
The cost: Starts at B500-1,800 for a hard wax Brazilian (B900-3,000 for the men’s version, “Boyzilian”) and B3,000-12,000 for Strip Powerpac.
4/F, Central Embassy, Phloen Chit Rd., 02-160-5671. Open daily 10am-9pm. www.strip-thailand.com

Wax On Studio 

The place: Homey and understated with lots of natural light and a few feminine touches in the reception area. The waxing rooms keep the decor very clean and minimal—white walls, white bed sheet, white robe and a wooden cart of waxing goodies. 
The equipment: All products used are from Lycon, from the strip waxes for large areas and hot waxes for sensitive areas, to the pre-waxing oils and post-waxing lotions for after care. The soothing virgin olive oil and beeswax formula claims to effectively grip the shortest (as short as one millimeter) and most stubborn hairs. Again, there’s no double dipping. 
The cost: For women, it’s B1,000-1,200 for a bikini wax and B1,500-1,600 for a Brazilian. For men, it costs B1,400 for a bikini wax, up to B2,500 for a Hollywood.
2/F, The Twenty Six, Sukhumvit Soi 26, 094-191-9391. Open daily 11am-9pm. www.waxonstudios.com