With just two singles and a few gigs, the hard work of indie band Singular—comprised of Sin Achawanumtagul, 25, vocalist, and Chotiwut “Nut” Boonyasit, 24, guitarist—has been rewarded over the past three years with a growing popularity among indie music lovers—evident from their more than 30,000 fans on Facebook.

BK: How did you become Singular?
We’ve known each other for three years now. I went to a recording studio to work on my own demo tape, and my friend asked Nut to play guitar for me because he felt our music styles were quite similar and that we would get along well. We started working together from then on, and three years later, we submitted our demo tape to a label that represents our favorite artists.

BK: Who are your favorite artists?
I like Thee Chaiyadetch and Pause band.
Nut: I am a guitarist, so I like John Mayer.

BK: Why Singular?
To us, it means one voice plus one guitar equals one band.

BK: Where do your music skills come from?
I graduated in music from Srinakarinwirot University. I actually started playing the piano when I was three. But after I had the chance to hold a guitar in junior high year, I fell in love with it. So I started learning and playing from classic to rock and ended up doing jazz. I also won a national Yamaha guitar contest when I was in high school.
Sin: Because of my love for singing, I chose to learn classical music. Later, I got a chance to be part of the Bangkok Opera.

BK: So how did you charm people with only two singles?
Well, I think it’s because of our new style of music that mixes several tunes.
Sin: I think our songs are easy-listening songs, so people can enjoy them anytime.

BK: How do you define your style?
We call our style “metro acoustic.” It’s a combination of pop, jazz and acoustic styles. For example, our first single, “24/7,” starts with bossa, which is another kind of jazz, then shifts to swing, which is jazz, too. It’s like you are playing bossa on one stage while another stage beside you is playing swing, and the two tunes blend into each other. For our second single, “Bao Bao,” we feature 80s-style melodies with a twist of pop jazz.

BK: What is your plan for the future?
The full album will be launched Oct 27. I want to work in music as long as possible, to share our ideas and our styles with others.
Sin: Apart from singing, I’ll see if I can try doing some other things in the music industry.