An internet sensation among fans of male erotica, photographer Airry Haruehan opens up about life behind the camera and why he prefers to shoot men over women, a trait that earned him a feature in Thailand’s Attitude magazine’s very first issue.

What was your childhood like?
My house was surrounded with paintings. My father is an art teacher, and my mother teaches English. Though they’re both from Bangkok, they went to live in Nakhon Ratchasima because they were fed up with urban life. They visit Bangkok once a year.

How did you start taking photos?
Actually, I knew nothing about photography, except I used my school’s film camera for the student newspaper. I seriously took photos when I studied at the Faculty of Communication Arts at Chulalongkorn University. I started taking photos of my friends. The first was Chaam, Onwarin Osathanond, Miss Thailand Universe 2006.

Why did you shift to mostly nude male models?
There are a lot of reasons. Being a man myself, working with men is more comfortable. As for the nudity. I’ve always had problems with stylists. They do it for the money, but I do it because I like to.

You do it for free?
Yes, 80% of the time. It’s my personal challenge. I like to make an ordinary person look like a superstar and I want to change people’s thoughts. Now male models approach me to take their photos, but I don’t do it for all of them. For some, I feel they have no selling point or are too famous already.

How do you know how to present each person?
It’s hard to explain. It depends. Partly, it comes from the conversation we have, where I learn more about his character and attitude. We have to trust each other, and the photos will be better.
Why do you think your work is getting so widely-known?
I post every piece online, through websites like Portfolio or other social media. I studied at at Chula’s Communication Arts faculty, so naturally I’m among the insiders of the entertainment circle. Word of mouth has helped.

What is your most successful project?
It has all started from Stephen Sohn, Korean-American friend of a friend. It was almost like God’s will. I saw his picture on a friend’s camera, and I asked Stephen to come to Thailand in 2008. After our shoot, many Asian countries buzzed about him for a while. Now he’s an economist in America.What’s your day job?
I am a media specialist for a PR company. I am a representative of brands like Unilever, Thailand’s Got Talent and a few others.

What’s your next plan?
I’m starting a big project with Attitude this year. Usually, though, I don’t accept heavy-commitment projects and I don’t take photos for money. It’s my happiness to influence people through photography.


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