A Youtube sensation, Chintnadda Lamakanond, a.k.a. Pango, talks to us about her music career currently taking off thanks to more than 1.4 million upload views.

BK: Tell us about your background.
I was a pampered girl at home and didn’t like to do things for myself. My mother worried that I would stay like this and be unable to support myself, so she sent me to high school in New Zealand.

BK: How was life over there?
It was pretty good. Even though my first host family was awful, my second host family was really nice. They owned a Chinese restaurant, so I was filled with good food every night. The other thing was that I learned to live on my own. Then I came back to study hotel management at Mahidol University.

BK: Why did you choose that field?
My mom opened a bakery, and I liked to travel, so I figured it would be a good choice, but it turned out not to be that great. I didn’t think would be so serious, so I dropped it and took up what I really loved, which is design. I studied a lot of art and photography when I was in New Zealand and I loved it. I was lucky I managed to get into King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi on the last day they accepted applications.

BK: How did you start posting your music clips on Youtube?
After I appeared in Singular’s music video, Bao Bao, I had an opportunity to talk with Believes record label. I taught myself to play the guitar with a handbook, and I always loved seeing women play guitar. It’s kind of cool. But at the time that I was posting clips on Youtube, it was just therapy for myself because I wasn’t doing my own music back then. I was still working on my Master’s thesis.

BK: You couldn’t do the two at the same time?
I know that I am the kind of person who can’t handle too many things at the same time. There was also a producer who contacted me to do a soap opera, but I had to decline, because I wanted to work on my music career and I wanted to do my best. My first single will come out next month.

BK: How do you feel about becoming a Youtube hit?
I’m really surprised! I didn’t know my video would have so many viewers. I just did it because I wanted to sing. I only did four or five videos, but soon after, it turned out that I had a fan page on Facebook. I also started an official page, because people kept adding me as a friend on my private account.

BK: Do you ever dream of doing anything else?
I want to travel around the world. It sounds clichéd but I really want to do it. I want to catch a train and travel as far as I can. I also want to open a coffee shop that’s open 24 hours and open a graphic design studio. I do design work on a freelance basis at the moment.

Watch all of Pango's clips right here.


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