Jarulak Chayakul, aka Ball, never planned to be an artist, but thanks to luck and his music-savvy cousin, the 24-year-old is now the indie label’s newest R&B/hip hop acquisition. But don’t expect an oversized shirt and bling-bling accessories—Ball comes with his own style, clothes and music, as his debut album From Now On shows.

Why did a US business graduate like you become a singer?
I wrote my first song in high school to just impress the girls and have kept on writing ever since. When I came back from America, I took my songs to Boyd Kosiyabong, and he asked me to work on the compilation album Love Is Vol 2. Our timetables clashed, so my cousin introduced me to Smallroom.

Why From Now On?
It’s the title of the song that SEA Write winner Prabda Yoon wrote a long time ago. I think it is a perfect title for my first album because it symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I still have a long way to go.

Tell us a bit more about your album.
It’s a blend of hip hop and R&B with touches of soul and Motown tunes from the 70s. I wrote 10 out of the 11 songs myself. Most of the songs are about love or girls I’ve met in clubs, so it’s easy to digest.

What if the fans think you’re just another pretty face?
Just because my songs are accessible doesn’t mean the album is tacky. Actually I have written plenty of songs, probably over 60 tracks, but for the first album I want to have fun with the fans. All the songs have potential to be singles. If you are looking for serious, thoughtful songs, wait for my second album.

Have you ever thought about joining a boy band?
No! I’d be such a nuisance. My bandmates would hate me because I don’t think I’d agree to follow the dance steps. My voice isn’t that powerful, so I try to focus more on how to capture the fans’ attention. I think I have a sexy voice that can move them.

What do you expect from the album?
I myself am 100% happy with it. I want to improve my songwriting skills so in the future I’ll be able to compose songs for other singers, too.


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