Sure, Good September is made up of six fresh-faced guys with a taste for romantic pop ballads, but this is no mere boy band. These guys write all their own songs and play their own instruments. The band, formed in September 2001, dishes up a delightful dose of fusion pop with its self-titled debut album. The chart-topping single “Yaa Beua Kham Waa Sia Jai” already rules the airwaves and “Phab Vela Deum Deum” is close on its heels. Catch Good September Fridays at Route and Saturdays at Bombay Bar, from 9pm onwards.

How did you get noticed?
We sold 300 copies of our DIY EP at the 2002 Fat Festival. After that we got to work with Black Sheep and got on some of their compilations. Our producer, Shin, recently started Fine Tune Records and asked us to join.

What makes Good September stand out from the crowd?
I think many pop bands these days have been molded into what their producers or PR think is best, so they lose their identity along the way. We are allowed creative freedom, so we are able to inject ourselves into the songs.

How do you describe your style of music?
Fusion pop.
New: I think this is an appropriate term because our music is influenced by disco, jazz and funk, but pop is still the main ingredient.

What kind of music do you like?
I prefer fusion jazz, especially the Brazilian band Incognito.
Dell: I’m listening to a lot of Japanese artists and electronic music.

Where do you find inspiration?
Usually from our personal experiences. I wrote “Yaa Beua Kham Waa Sia Jai” after seeing my friend trying to patch things up with his girlfriend.

What are your goals?
I’m planning to do my master’s degree in the States next year. Hopefully we can record some of our new songs there.
Pong: I’m doing a master’s in architecture at Thammasat University. Though music is my passion, I don’t think I’d do it for a living because it’d be so stressful that I wouldn’t enjoy doing it anymore.


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