Featuring members from Korea, China and Thailand, multi-national group iMe have their sights set on becoming the new face of girl pop with the release of their debut single “Aiyiya”. We join up with the one Thai member, AF3 entrant Nalintara “Sara” Hohler [second from left], to find out about life in a manufactured international pop band.

BK: How was iMe formed?
It was a co-project by three companies from three countries: True Fantasia in Thailand, DoReMi Music Publishing in South Korea and EE Media in China. They wanted to build a multi-national girl group and we were the ones that they picked.

BK: How long have you been together?
We’ve been working together for six months across three countries. First, we were in Korea for three months training how to sing and dance. It was like a boot-camp. No time to rest. Then, we moved to China to record and promote the album before coming to Thailand.

BK: What’s the biggest challenge in your group?
Language. There are at least 10 languages spoken in iMe even though we are just 5 girls! Mocika and Niki can speak lots of Chinese dialects. Mikan speaks Japanese and English. Haley speaks Korean and I have to speak English and Chinese to communicate with the other girls.

BK: How is your life over there?
It was hard in the beginning. I used to cry everyday because I couldn’t talk to anyone. But after six months, I can now speak better and feel a lot better.

BK: What’s the feedback in China like after “AiYiYa” was released?
Really, really good. Our song is climbing in so many charts. One is the radio chart which has nearly 400 million listeners in China. That’s awesome!

BK: What’s your best memory from China?
Before we properlypromoted our single, we went on this crazy TV show. It has a rule: we had three hours to ask people in some noname town to come and see our show. If we managed to get an audience of 3,000 people, they would open the stage for us to perform our concert. We were in shock after we managed to get 5,000 people to come along and cheer us in the rain. That was brilliant!


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