Born from a well-appreciated Facebook status update, the zany Pheu Ter [For You] Party fan page has now gained more than 32,000 likes and has an army of fans following their party policy: Think New, Do New, For You Only. BK investigates this unofficial party and finds a surprise link between them and the band Poomjit.

Who is in your party?
I am Pachara Chusin, the head of the party, which I actually don’t want to be but my friends picked their posts while I was away. I normally work as a freelance photographer.
Bomb: I am Titinan Chantangpol, party house maid. I don’t know why I got this post. My regular job is as an animator, and I’m going to launch a studio soon, called Kark Me Studio. I also play bass for Poomjit.
Nui: I am Panuwat Apiwattanachai, party secretary. I work at my brother’s company selling cable wire. And actually, there are two more members of the party: Patzh Eaimtrakul (Pat) who is party spokesperson. He’s now studying film in New Zealand. The other is Puttiyos Phalajivin (Put) who is the party’s right wingback. He is Poomjit’s vocalist.

Where did the idea of launching Pheu Ter Party come from?
When political parties started their campaigns, I posted a joke on my Facebook, saying “I would like to join Pheu Ter Party” and got a huge number of likes. So Pat suggested we launch a fanpage for our party. Our purpose is to make nonsense jokes about political situations by mentioning love. During the election it was Ka Ber Wa Ruk Tabb, which in Thai is a spoonerism that can mean Vote for I Love You.

How do you feel about the positive feedback?
I was so surprised by the first ten thousand likes. I monitored the page every day and put up many jokes. Now I’ve run out of jokes!
Nui: I think it’s because Thais naturally like jokes and our page is about making fun of annoying political rhetoric.

Are you really into the political issues?
I’m quite bored with politics. I still see old faces, people skipping assembly or falling asleep during the meetings.
Nui: I personally think no one is suitable for the PM job. It’s like there’s a war between aliens and predators, and we’re the humans. And no matter who wins the war, we will lose. Anyway, I’m just happy that Chuwit got into parliament to be the opposition.

If Pheu Ter really ran for elections, what would be your platform?
Making people listen to each other. Nobody is listening to each other, and with today’s problems, we just can’t afford not to.
Joe: When the tsunami happened in 2004, people were so caring. I don’t want there to have to be another disaster for us to unite.
Bomb: We’ve already been successful about making people love each other on our page. I am sure that our 30,000 fans don’t all share the same politics. There are reds and yellows and that’s beautiful.

Do you have any personal Pheu Ter in your lives?
I already have a wife and two kids.
Nui: I am single.
Joe: Dating!


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