After the success of her hilarious language lessons on cable TV, Madame Mod, who prefers to keep her real name private, has also become a YouTube sensation. BK meets up with her to find out who she really is off camera.

How was your childhood?
I grew up with fun parents. They always made me laugh. I am the only child of parents who separated when I was only in grade two. I then lived with my mom, who is a banker, and my grandmother, who has now passed away.

Did you feel lonely as an only child?
Not really. We’ve always had pets, cats and dogs. I love to spend time with them and always talk to them. I feel like they are talking to me too. Those who have pets will understand what I’m saying.

What do you like about performing?
I am actually a very shy and not very confident person. But when I started performing I discovered that I was so happy. I also loved to see soap operas and Japanese cartoons as a kid, and that really helped me see what acting is. It’s a science that’s creative and charming. It opens my imagination.

Did you study acting then?
No, I didn’t. I was in Communication Arts at Chula and chose to study speech science. I had studied hard my whole life and I didn’t want that anymore. So during university, I did lots of acting activities at my faculty. That was the greatest experience.

How did you become Madam Mod?
I applied to the Play Channel (GMM’s cable TV) after my friend who is a creative producer there asked me to audition. They wanted to create a character for a language show and we finally agreed on Madam Mod. The show is called Pasa Plaza (Language Plaza). Madam Mod is totally different from who I am. Sometimes I think acting as Madam Mod is weird and ugly, but it is meant to be fun.

What were you doing before?
I used to work as a teacher, but I didn’t like it so I quit. I felt that it wasn’t who I am. Being a teacher requires sacrifice and patience, and I wanted to do something else, which is acting. Education is really valuable. Many can’t have it but some throw it away. I feel sorry for those who want it but can’t have it.

Have you always been very effeminate?
Since elementary school. Back then I didn’t feel any different from others, but when I grew up I realized that society confines us to a boy-girl binary. I was bullied sometimes, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It made me more patient and more understanding about the world. We’re all different but we can live together. If you have a problem, don’t blame others. You are the one who treats it as trouble. You have to advance yourself. Being a human is the most amazing thing on Earth!

What’s your next dream?
I don’t want to do anything else. This is what I love. But for life, I want to help people—helping people cope with their problems through dhamma is a good way to help.

The clip that started it all:

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