Riding the current obsession with Reya on Dok Som Si Thong, Krisana Panpeng’s parodies of Lakorn’s biggest bitch have already gathered over 500,000 hits on his YouTube channel. The acting professor tells us about his inspiration and offers some acting tips while he’s at it.

Tell us about yourself.
Num: I was born in Bangkok but my grandfather is Japanese. I have always been a big fan of acting since I was a kid. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama and Theater Studies in London before working at Bangkok Garn Lakorn while taking my Masters. I then became a university professor teaching acting, directing and physical theater. Currently I am studying for my PhD on performance practice at the University of Exeter and will come back to teach at Chulalongkorn University this year as part of my PhD.

What made you start posting clips on YouTube?
Num: I was inspired by a parody clip of Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live. I did a parody on Wanida, because my friends asked me, but then it became very popular and went viral. It’s now my hobby. I decided to do Dok Som Si Thong after my friends suggested I try it.

How do you feel toward Reya?
Num: I love Reya and I think the screenwriter is really good. She is a proper rounded character unlike the bland villains or nang-ake, and the other characters in the story. The audience can identify with Reya; that’s probably why so many parents complain. But I think people are giving too much attention to this issue. Lakorn is just Lakorn, that’s it.

What’s your favorite soap opera?
Num: Oh, honestly I haven’t followed any soap for a long time. I remember when I was young, I was really afraid of ghosts because I watched a lot of ghost stories. But when I watched old clips, they are not scary at all! I also liked Banlangmek. I really love Pattarawadee Meechuthon.

Which character would you most want to play?
Num: Khun Luang Akarathemwarakorn from Tawiphob because his journey through time sounds like a fantasy to me. It’s also related to history, so there’s a lot of research you can do for this character.

Can you give us an acting tip?
Num: Acting in the clip is totally different from what I’ve learnt or what I’m teaching. I want to say that anyone can do this type of acting because it’s very clichéd and stereotypical. There’s no need to study, practice or interpret.

Anything for you fans?
Num: I want to thank them and ask them to keep following my channel. If you have anything that I might make a good fun of, just send it to me. Interview by Monruedee Jansuttipan

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