Rapper and graffiti artist Kittipong Kamsart a.k.a. M Buddha Bless tells us about his difficult home life as a child, why being a musician has made him love reading and why he believes in aliens.

Despite my features, my lineage is actually Chinese. My parents own a car parts business in Samut Prakarn. I lived in a big family where we ate only mild food. So now I can’t eat somtam.

I always had arguments with my dad because he had a bad temper when he was drunk. Sometimes he beat my mom, too.

I wasn’t a good kid. I didn’t like studying. I made up my mind that I didn’t want to work in an office because I wanted to get tattoos. I knew that wouldn’t go well with office life. I fell in love with the arts.

After grade nine, I stopped studying for a year. Then my mom took me to study at BCC (Bangkok Commercial College) for two years. I dropped out and went to a fine arts college, Chang Silp Ladkrabang.

In the end, I couldn’t finish art school even though I was able to clear the entrance exam twice. I felt it wasn’t what I expected. I started getting interested in graffiti. Nowadays, I feel guilty that I probably took someone else’s opportunity to go to this school.

All those years, I would leave the house but end up doing graffiti in my soi. The plan was for everyone on my soi to see my graffiti. My pseudonym is Stupid. I also made money doing airbrush jobs on motorcycles.

Later, I met my friend Del, a member of one of Thailand’s first graffiti groups, PMT. We became good friends and he introduced me to his friends, including Aui [fellow Buddha Bless member] who, back then, was in a hip-hop group called AYM.

Aui asked me to form a rap group with him, with another friend, Tong, because he thought I could write funny lyrics. I jumped at his offer even though Aui warned me that there were no guarantees.

Being a music composer made me go from hating reading to loving it. Now I love to read philosophy or dharma. I always wonder about aliens and where humans come from. I also have doubts about evolution by leaps and bounds.

I believe that there are extra terrestrials. There is plenty of evidence they exist on earth. I read a book called 12th Planet, which gathered archaeological evidence from many eras. There were civilizations before our history begins. Some even link it to Buddhism, like in The Matrix.

I think Lord Buddha is real and he’s a cool guy.

Life always has suffering. Being a singer like me, you still suffer. Being a millionaire, you still suffer.

Now I want to do meditation. I don’t do it to just follow a trend, but I want to know what it’s all about. I want to study dharma in my way. I never believed what the Lord Buddha said before, but now I want to know exactly what he said.

I quit drinking two years ago. Aui told me I was getting to be like my alcoholic father so I stopped. Now, I have also stopped smoking and partying too. Maybe I’m just bored of that now.

I saw a lot of bad behavior from friends like drinking and drugs, but I didn’t partake. I cared about my mother’s feeling. We’ve been through tough things together, like our wrecked family and my drunk dad. It taught us to be good.

Now I’ve started talking to my dad again. When I grew up and saw things more reasonably, I kind of understood him more and started feeling wistful for a father-son relationship.

I never feel that I am a superstar. I am just being myself, just like everyone else in Gan Core [record company].

I don’t have a lot of friends because I have only a few interesting things to say. I don’t like football or cars. I don’t like to drive and I can’t drive either. I love riding my motorbike or my bicycle.

I still have dreams about my graffiti. I want to bring my portfolio to the international level. I feel they value this kind of art much more than in Thailand. There are magazines, galleries and sponsors and their own space.

I would take care of stray dogs in Bangkok if I were the governor. Gandhi said if you want to see what people are like, you have to see the way they treat their pets. It’s fundamental for people to take care of this problem.

The best way to make a living is to find what you love and make it your profession. Then it will be something fun that gives you money.


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