Prakarn Raiva, or Name, is a coy 18-year-old who is bringing forth what he has always had a passion for—music. He has worked for GMM Grammy as an ordinary staff member for quite some time, and is now putting that experience to use, stepping into the spotlight with his first album, What’s Your Name?, on Green Beans Records. Did he get the deal on account of his parents, who owns the S&P restaurant and bakery chain? He says his name had nothing to do with it.

What is your style of music?
For this album it’s quite an alternative choice for the audience. I try to blend Britpop, which isn’t very popular or widely known in Thailand, with my style of music, making it a fun album people can enjoy at any time. I think the popularity of Brit-pop among locals will grow.

Why Britpop?
I’m crazy about it. When I was abroad, I had many chances to go see Brit-pop gigs. The music is fun and makes me want to dance along.

Who are you Britpop idols?
I love Coldplay and Oasis. I can feel it when I watch them perform. They can shake up millions of people with their music. I don’t expect to be as great as they are; I just want to enjoy what I like.

So we can expect a great live performance from you?
Well, when I made this album, I took live performance into consideration, too. It’s what I want to do. I can let myself go free on stage like I never can in real life.

What’s your favorite track on the album?
I like “Love Me, Love My Panda.” It’s about a panda that likes to eat my food, drive my car, tease me and trick me, but I still love it. I wrote this song for my sister who is like that.

How did you feel when you first heard your song on the air?
I was so thrilled. I ran to call all my family to the radio and turned the volume the loudest it would go. They liked it and felt quite proud of me.

Your first single is quite ironic, isn’t it?
Yeah, the song “Princo” is about the blank CD brand Princo. A young musician from abroad flies here and sees that name on every CD, so he thinks it’s a super popular band. Every home has this CD; even his friends have thousands. He feels that he’s not good enough compared to Princo, so he flies back to his country.

Since your parents have a bakery business, can you bake?
Of course, I can make banana cake, cheesecake, banoffi pie and some others—with some help from a cookbook and my mom.

Are there many people who take you for a hiso who just spent money to make his own album?
Yes, there are some, but I’m prepared to take this. All I can say is that I got this record deal using only my own effort and ability. I want people to judge whether they like or dislike this album by listening to it, not by who I am.