In his latest solo exhibition No Superego, photographer Tada Hengsapkul lays bare his works, consisting of images and videos, accumulated over the last five years. Known for his penchant for nude photography, Tada talks about Incest, one of the photographs on display.

Technique & medium: Polaroid print.

Why No Superego?
My style of photography has always been raw and edgy. It’s stripped loose of any technicalities and external factors. I’m interested in human bodies and my specialty is nude photography, so this is a fitting title for the show.

What’s going on in this image? Who are the couple?
I met them when I went back to visit my hometown in Korat. I was a bit surprised when they told me that they’re actually cousins, and have been together for three years. I took it not because I wanted to be controversial, but rather because of how interesting incest is. It’s considered a taboo, yet it does exist in every level of society and every walk of life.

Your works are quite risque, how do you deal with censorship?
I’ve been very lucky as I’ve never had to deal with censorship or harsh criticism before. People come to see my show expecting to see nudity. Those who are not familiar with what I do say that my works are honest. I’m not afraid that my works will be misinterpreted, because they are not intended for anyone to get a hard-on. In a sense, I try to create a utopia where everything is pure and organic.

Where do you find the models?
Believe it or not, I never have to pay for models. They’re all my friends. We work together on the understanding that this is art not pornography.

Your photographic flair has been compared to Apichatpong’s cinematic style, why do you think that is?
I think we both like to make the most out of whatever settings we find, and we try not to alter them for the sake of our works. My landscape pieces show the nature as it is whereas the nude photos show human beings and their emotions as they are.

Catch photographer Tada Hengsapkul with his Solo Exhibition "No Superego"


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