Varut “Knot” Pitaksorayutt, a singer/songwriter from LOVEIS, tells us about what it’s like to pursue a master’s degree, work at the Electricty Generating Authority of Thailand and release hit singles, all at the same time.

BK: How did you get your start in music?
I’ve always loved music since I was young. My passion was handed down to me by my father, who loves to play guitar and sing. I started playing guitar when I was seven, and I became interested in songwriting too. I also play the drums and bass.

BK: How did you get involved in the music industry?
I studied with Suweera Boonrod a.k.a “Q” from Flure. We also used to play together in a band. After Q had signed a record deal, he introduced me to Suki Sukosol and Boyd Kosiyabong. I got lucky and started writing songs for them and that turned into another band called Lolita. The band didn’t work out, so I decided to pursue a solo career. Now I have two singles out: “Rueng Jing Kong Took” Wan and “Pan Hua”.

BK: What is the hardest thing about being a solo artist?
Being a producer in addition to everything else is the hardest part because I have to be open to new things that I sometimes don’t even like. I may like one thing, but people may like another sound. I always have to keep that in mind.

BK: Apart from music, what else have you been doing?
My ultimate dream is to become a pilot. I took the Thai Airways entrance exam, but unfortunately got eliminated during the final round. Another opportunity arose and I went and worked in an advertising agency as an account executive. At the present moment I’m working for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and I recently got accepted for a master’s degree at Thammasat. I love doing a little bit of everything. Life is just so much more colorful that way.

BK: You have many interests, what’s your current goal?
To be a successful artist who makes music that people like is probably my main goal. I get a great feeling when I hear people singing along to my songs.

BK: Have you gotten any feedback from your fans?
They’re all extremely nice. I try to listen to the same music that my fans do. When I toured, there was an incident where two girls reached out to touch my hand while I was playing, and I accidentally hit one of them with my guitar! I still feel bad about that. I


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