This weekend’s Culture One might be known as an electronic music festival, but there will also be plenty for the indie kids, courtesy of the Popscene stage, which features eight live acts headlined by quirky UK rockers, and former Mercury Prize nominees, Young Knives. We caught up with lead singer Henry Dartnell to find out more about their distinctive sound, magical sounding hometown and why the tweed suits are staying at home.

How would you describe your sound?
We sound like a big horn, or a sick puppy, or maybe some stale bread. It’s loud, cute but smells of vomit, it fills you up but it’s also difficult to swallow.

Is your hometown Ashby De La Zouch a real place?
Yes, it is. It’s a market town near Leicester, UK. It is quite nice, maybe a little too nice.

Do you think it’s difficult being in an indie band these days?
No, it’s not difficult at all; that’s the whole point. People who work in factories or as politicians or farmers, they have difficult jobs. Being in a band is well easy.

What’s your expectation of your first Bangkok gig?
I think it’s going to be great. I can’t wait.

You’re playing a mainly electronic music festival; how do you think the ravers will take to your tunes?
Some will love it, some will really like the change, some others will not like it so much, some may hate it—but not so many I hope.

What’s your favorite festival experience and why?
I enjoyed one at Glastonbury when I lost all of my clothes and had to do the show in an outfit made out of plastic bags. I was dreading it but people really dug my look.

How do you think your tweed suits will stand up to the Bangkok heat?
They’ll probably stay at home because it would be stupid to wear a dense wool material in this climate. We might wear something a little more casual.

You had an album out last year; what’s next for Young Knives?
We are recording our next record called Sick Octave. It is a very industrial record with a bit more of a collage feel to it. It’s quite different to our other records. It will be out in the new year.


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