When a song they wrote for a wedding ended up getting nearly two million views on TouTube, Whatcharawalee, comprised of Montchai “Pum” Sattayathep (vocals), Kathawut “New” Kongkaomuang (guitar), Sanchai “Milk” Kanchanarat (guitar) and Sarawut “Joop” Wutthikul (drum), decided to bite the bullet and become a real band.

How did you become Whatcharawalee?
A friend, Tum, who is an ex-member of the band, asked me to write a song for his bride to surprise her at the wedding. I’d known the couple for a long time, so he just gave me a picture of them on a memorable trip to the mountains. Based on that, I wrote a song about love and the stars. Then I called some friends to help me record the song.
Milk: We managed to record it in just one night, and used the bride’s name as the title, “Look Om.” Then Pum, who owns [music production company] Tinnamou, posted it on YouTube and it became popular. People kept asking who we are. So we decided to use the real name of the bride, Whatcharawalee, as our band name.

What about your second single “Jeep”?
It’s a very similar story. A friend, who I hadn’t seen in 15 years, asked me to write a song for his bride. Her name is Jeep.

So do people ask you for songs for their brides all the time?
Yes, but I have to turn them down. Sometimes they can’t afford my fee, because I am quite expensive. Writing songs about love really sucks up all my energy. For my friends, I can do it easily because I know them and I want them to be happy.

Do you guys have another music project?
We’re doing a single as a proper band. Two of the six members pulled out. Tum has to raise his kids and Art is busy teaching, so we now have just four members.
Pum: The music will be more varied, not just about happiness and love, but also broken hearts as well. Our new single is based on a heartbreak experienced by New.

What are your day jobs?
I’m running Tinnamou, a music production company that produces music for ads and films. Before this, I used to work at RS.
Milk: I’m a guitar teacher at Meefah Music School. I used to play in a back-up band at Workpoint too.
Joop: I’m a drum teacher at Kitti Gun Guitar school.
New: I am a sound engineer at Key To Success advertising agency which handles music and jingles for advertising.

Where is your most romantic place?
: I like the atmosphere and weather especially in Chiang Mai. It’s really an art town. I love Nimmanhemin Road. There are a lot of galleries there.
Joop: I think my home. It has everything. You can do everything without anyone disturbing you.
New: I love the beach. I really love to see girls walking along the sand with the wind blowing back their hair. It’s really sexy.
Milk: I like crowded places like pubs. I love to be in the middle of lots of people where I can meet someone to be romantic with.
Check out their first single below. The band can also be reached at their Facebook fan page.


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