British artist Tim Wakefield’s hip and psychedlic artworks are created by capturing the digital heartbeat of some of the world’s most iconic musicians including Eric Clapton, BB King, Pink Floyd and The Clash. Prior to his first solo show here, Wakefield talks to us about getting on with some of the artists he’s worked with.

How did your journey begin?
A love of music and a vision to do something that was completely unique. What started out as a few digital doodles has turned in to a career that is taking me around the world and meeting amazing people. Next stop: India and Nashville. There's a contrast.

Which musician(s) blew you away?
The ones who can change your mood like Pink Floyd, Muse, Coldplay, The Stones, BB King and The Clash. Great music is timeless. If you still get it 30 years on it means something. Many of today's artists are media-created five-minute wonders.

Are these soundwaves in any way philosophical?
They are my own interpretation of a song. If the musicians like them then it is all good with me. I never set out to be an artist so everything else is just a fun journey. Let the song be philosophical.

Which artists' "energy" do you dig most?
It is all about the mood you are in and where you are. If I am running give me Audioslave, System of a Down or Queens of the Stone Age or any high energy beat. If I am relaxed at home I will listen to blues.

What other mediums would you like to explore with?
3D printing techniques and working with oversize resin blocks where the image becomes translucent and can be enhanced by subtle lighting. Also we are working on large building projections for exhibitions in the UK and US.

Ever rejected any artists?
I would offend people if I named names. I like to work with artists who write their own songs and ignore mainstream pop which is more about PR and looks.

What sort of art do you personally dig?
I enjoy art that is uplifting, humorous or tells a story. Dark and moody is not for me. I have wasted enough time on the negatives already. The art you like will probably reflect the person you are.

Soundwaves is on through May 31 at Icon Gallery.  


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