Releasing his first single, Connect,12-year-old Min Yongsuvimol, the winner from The Trainer and new member of RS, talks with BK about how he juggles between his career and education while connecting with his fans online. Interview by Sasinipa Wasantapruek and Monruedee Jansuttipan

Why do you want to be a singer?
I’ve dreamed of being a singer since I was like nine years old. I watched some music thingy at school and I saw people singing in it and I really wanted to start singing like them even though I am normally a shy person.

Who are your idols?
If you mean singing and dancing idols, it would be G-Dragon and Usher. G-Dragon has a special character and look. His dance moves are all different from other people. As for Usher, when he sings and dances, his emotions come out so clearly that we can feel it. But if you are talking about the hero in my heart, it would be the king of Thailand. He’s a genius. I want to help people, like him.

Tell us about your song
My song is called “Connect” and it’s Asian pop dance. Its lyrics are about social networking – like Facebook, Twitter, and so on which is the thing that I love to do in my everyday life.

Do you connect with your fans online directly?
Yes. I don’t like people to pretend that they’re me on my fanpage. Sometimes we play jokes on the site. Some people also bought gifts for me and some were pretty awkward like a toy poo.

How do you manage your time between your career and your education?
I don’t know [laughs]. I just work the hardest I can and then I usually study hard too. Learning comes first. When I get homework, I usually finish them at school or in the car. I get tired sometimes but it’s ok.

What do you do in your free time?
I read a lot of books. Some books are like scientific or knowledge books and some books are just cartoon books. I really enjoy reading Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan’s books. I like working on DIY too. I create my own toys like masks, swords, the magic wand from Harry Potter and stuff.

Was the music industry like what you expected?
Pretty much. But I didn’t expect the production in front of the camera will be complicated. I learn that when we don’t complete or when we fail a job, we do it all over again.

Have you ever dreamed of being anything else?
Actually, I dreamed of being a doctor. I like helping people and I think it’s pretty fun, helping people and curing them.


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