After finding success with their popular debut single “Dok Mai Plom (Fake Flower)” in 2010, Getsunova disappeared from the local scene, with two band members based in London. But now Prakarn “Name” Raiva (vocals), Panoth “Noth” Khunprasert (guitar, synthesizer), Natee Osathanugrah (guitar) and Komkadeach “Pipe” Sangwatanaroj (drums) are back with a new release, “Glai Kae Nhai Kue Glai.”

BK: How would you describe your music?
We try to put new things in our songs, so we call it experimental pop. We started off as electronic but we now want to be something special, something more than that. We are trying out new instruments, not just guitar, bass and drums, but we still remain electronic. We haven’t changed our style completely. We’ve just added something on top of our old way of doing things.
Name: I tried to introduce a Britpop theme to my solo album in 2006 but it didn’t really work. Now we want to engage our fanbase with this new style, so that they accept the way we are. Obviously, we’ve taken a lot of influence from UK bands, because we caught many gigs while living there, from small bars to big stages. Noi Pru and Pod Moderndog also inspired me to become a singer because of the uniqueness of their music and their personalities.

BK: How has London influenced the band?
Like Name said, we’ve been to a lot of concerts. When we released our first record, some people said we have a very similar style to British indie band Bloc Party. It took some time to prove that we aren’t just a rip-off. Life in London is very fun and exciting because you have so much freedom—you have to be a responsible adult, though.

BK: What do you think of people saying you’re just a hi-so band?
One thing I believe is that no matter who you are, from a poor peasant to a billionaire, everyone has a dream. It’s a once in a lifetime thing to follow your own dream. Family background doesn’t matter. It is about how much effort you put into what you love.

BK: What’s the hardest thing about making music?
Writing lyrics is the hardest part for me because I only want the best lyrics in our songs. We do have the label’s composers, but we want to do the music ourselves as much as we can. That’s why our band takes a long time to release a song. Another obstacle is that we change producers so often. It’s hard to find one who has the same style as us and then it takes time to connect and get to know each other. Another obstacle, of course, is that Name and I are based in London and the others are in Thailand.

BK: Do you have any projects outside of music?
I’m running my family’s business, which produces energy drinks like M-150. I’m also an assistant manager of Osotspa Football Club.
Noth: I used to be involved in my family’s business but right now I’m only focused on my music career.
Name: I have a production house. I do everything from video shooting, logo design and art layout. I’m also responsible for various projects for S&P Bakery, my family’s business.


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