The new face of History Channel series, The Hidden Cities, 30-year-old Anthony Morse explains why he loves to explore the ruins of Asia.

BK: What’s your family background?
My American dad was born in Myanmar because my grandparents worked there before moving to Chiang Mai. Then my dad met my mum, who belongs to the Rawang ethnic group, who mostly live in Myanmar and southern China. She came from Myanmar to Chiang Mai when she was only 17. They fell in love and got married before my father moved to California to study. I was born in America.

BK: When did you study in Thailand?
We moved back to Chiang Mai when I was three years old after my father graduated. I went to Chiang Mai International School, then went to study philosophy and religion at a university in the US and then stayed there for 10 years. 

BK: What did you do there?
I did a lot of jobs in the US as a writer, photographer, historian, tour guide, archaeologist, extreme-sports man and a sushi chef because my uncle ran a sushi shop. 

BK: Why did you end up doing so many different jobs?
I knew from a young age that I didn’t want to work in an office. I knew I would feel trapped, go crazy and want to jump from the building.

BK: Why did you choose to do philosophy and religion as your major?
I always wondered where beliefs came from and why we needed religion. You have a community of faith when many people believe similar teachings, and this reaches a large scale, at the national and global levels. Not to mention that history and religions have always been connected to things like architecture through their temples and churches.  

BK: How did you land the Hidden Cities series job?
In 2009, while I was staying in Chiang Mai, I heard that the History Channel was looking for a host for their new series. I found out two days before the deadline, so I went to Mueng Mai market to make a video clip to introduce myself. I finished it in one day, and luckily I was the one they picked.

BK: Why did you decide to do it?
I was challenging myself. I was taking a chance, taking a risk. When I applied I thought this is a crazy dream—there are other people who are more capable at this.

BK: Were there any weird experiences while filming?
Yes. While we were filming in an old military hospital, we heard the sound of marching all the time, even though there was nothing there.

BK: Do you believe that Thailand still has a hidden city?
I think every place has its own story. You just have to be interested in the story behind the bricks.


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