As she prepares for her tenth anniversary concert, the outspoken singer Thanaporn “Parn” Wagprayool, 34, has no shortage of moral outrage for today’s society.

I used to get tied up by my mom because I was so mischievous. I was the youngest of five sisters and we always played too hard.

My mom never hesitated to hit us when we damaged things. We once broke a water pipe and didn’t have any water for two days.

The most horrific incident was the time I hurled a bunch of nails at my sister and it stuck into her forehead. I don’t know how I had that much power, maybe because I was so angry.

My first job was singing the national anthem with my friends and teacher. We were recorded by the Government Public Relations Department when I was in the fifth grade. After that I kept getting work, either as part of a chorus or as a vocal coach training other artists.

The turning point was when Surachai “Hia Hoh” Chetchotisak of RS promotion heard my voice on demos for other artists. He called me in for a talk and then helped me release my first album in 2000.

I didn’t know how to find my own voice. I used to help other artists find their signature voice but I found it hard to find the right one for me.

I am seen as a straightforward person by my writers. They write songs that are usually about women criticizing men for their actions. They want me to sing songs that mirror real relationship problems in society, like mistresses.

I never thought I would be in this industry this long. I have my 10 year anniversary concert at the end of October. One of the things that has allowed me to survive this long is being honest.

Don’t pretend to always be nice. People will see you are human, not a fake star.

Society has really changed from 10 years ago, especially, the teenagers. Working at night has made me realize that today, people are daring to do things that would’ve been considered shameful 10 years ago.

The generation gap is wider than in the past. If we don’t try to understand what children are saying then they will just ignore us and start to live their own way.

People are willing to do wrong things for the sake of brief happiness or a desire to defeat others. The only way to fix this is to fix your conscience.

Every desire is a sin. If you know you’re committing a sin then at least it means you know yourself and you have the ability to fix things.

Everyone says Thailand is Buddhist but the reality is totally different. I think we should be Buddhist at heart, and not so interested in material things.

You can’t stop people selling things but you can stop yourself buying things.

Women’s rights are getting worse and will force society to change. Women will feel like they don’t want to get married and don’t want to have kids. Our population will decline. That’s a national development problem. Society will be unbalanced.

Seeing bad things happening to women on the front pages is forcing women to realize that they have to take care of themselves better. It reminds us that we have rights. We need to use their rights to protect ourselves.

Women have fought for their rights for so long but there are still women willing to put themselves under the powerful force called love.

Love is like glue. It sticks you to someone. If you know how to love well, that’s brilliant. But, if your glue turns into bad feelings, like jealousy or lack of respect, you will be in trouble.

Everyone has their own idea of prince charming but you don’t need to worry about findings him. It’s hard to find the man of your dreams in real life.

I believe we all have a soulmate. It just depends on whether you have the time to find the right one.

Thailand might have a female prime minister one day. That will be a sign of real change if it ever happens. Women will have an idol that they can follow and help make them stronger.

Don’t think you’re too little to make your country better. Doing your duty and respecting the rule of law is enough to make everybody happy.


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