It all started as a joke that they wanted to have their own band despite their lack of actual musical talent. Now Warattha “Ple-noi” Phongthananikorn and Ontida “Pook” Komolpit, the main members of Tue’sday, are having the last laugh with their 6,000 Facebook fans.

BK: What is your background?
My early life was spent moving between countries. I studied in Thailand and Australia before doing a Masters degree in the UK. I went to Australia because my mom worked there, so I wasn’t like other study abroad students. I spoke Thai at home, saw Thai lakorn and read Thai newspapers. I now work at Central Marketing Group as a senior marketing manager for corporate direct marketing. I know Ple-noi from the company’s projects that we’ve done together.
Ple-noi: I grew up in Bangkok and studied communication arts before studying marketing in Australia. I came back to work with my uncle, Nonsee “Oui” Nimiboot, for a while before being a DJ at Fat Radio. Apart from being a DJ, I am also a partner of Stu-fe pub on Rama 4 Road and do freelance work for TV, radio and events. I am also teaching ballet dance at an international school. I’m now planning to open a product design collective.

BK: Why did you want to create Tue’sday?
We felt jealous of all the famous musical artists. They’re always performing at concerts or doing glamorous photoshoots. Their lifestyle is just so cool. So I talked about it to some famous artists like Boy-Tri Bhumirat or Singto Namchoke. Pook totally liked this idea so we chose the name and created a Facebook fan page in the same night even though we can’t play decent music. This was October last year.
Pook: I can play piano, but stopped studying after grade four. Now I’m bringing back my old skills!

BK: What happened after that?
We got a show at the Big Mountain concert. At first we just wanted to post on Facebook that we were going to play at Big Mountain. We were absolutely terrified once we realized that playing music wasn’t that easy. It was pure luck that we got so much help from our artist friends. We forced our friends to stay up until 3am to watch us practice. We only played for a minute and a half, but it felt like the last scene of Saving Private Ryan. Everything happened in slow motion. It was like I had tinnitus in my ear.
Ple-noi: Though our music wasn’t that good, it was an extraordinary experience! I can’t explain how great that was. We also went on stage at a theme park event and the Melody of Life concert. We now have our own reality show on Pop cable channel, too.

BK: How do you feel now that you have thousands of fans even though you can’t play music well?
I think they are all friends who don’t want cool music from us. It’s like having a friend who believes in you and is ready to push you to do whatever you want.
Ple-noi: I think they just have fun with our imperfections. We have the right to have a good time, even if we’re less than perfect. It’s like living in a fantasy world where we can do things we would never get to do in real life. We didn’t expect that the creation of the band one year ago would bring us great experiences like this.

BK: Any last words before we wrap up?
Don’t lose your craziness. Your life will be empty without it.


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