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Lullaby Entertainment

Why they’re hot: Over the last few years they’ve put on all sorts of top acts, like Vampire Weekend, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Drums (in collaboration with Club Soma), Mogwai, The Naked and Famous and Herbie Hancock. Enough said.
What’s next: Next gig is planned to be next year.
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Why they’re hot: One of the biggest music promoters in Bangkok, they’re known for big names and big-scale productions like the Lady Gaga extravaganza earlier this year.
What’s next for them: Hitman: David Foster and Friends live in Bangkok (Nov 5).
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Have You Heard?

Why they’re hot: First The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (last Feb), now Beach Fossils, you’ve got this switched-on crew to thank for bringing a taste of New York cool to town.
What’s next: They are planning to have at least 3 gigs next year which are still in the process of finalization.
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Up-and-coming concert organizers

The World May Never Know

Who: Photographer and music video director Tokin T-Kanun and one half of psychedelic synth-pop duo Stylish Nonsense Wannarit “Pok” Pongpayoon.
Why they’re hot: They’re Bangkok’s biggest proponents of experimental music, putting on shows that feature all sorts of post-rock, ambient and noise acts, including many bands on Panda Records (think Bear-Garden, Basement Tape and the latest Summer Dress), the label Pok co-founded, as well as the ongoing art-meets-music project A Part of You, A Part of Me.
Highlight reel: A Trip to the Universe: Asobi Seksu Live (May 2012), Stone Free Music Festival (Dec 2011).
What’s next: The second Stone Free Music Festival is set for mid-Nov.
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Who: Choltida Pekanan, Krittiya Sriyabhandha, Chanachai Ohpanayikul, Tasaporn Suntornsuk and Jiro Endo.
Why they’re hot: With an equally strong passion for music, fashion and art, the crew’s concerts tend to be innovative affairs that span all three; witness their successful collaboration with Thai designer brand Sretsis to bring out London twee-pop band Summer Camp a few months back.
Highlight reel: Supersweet Live Summer Camp (May 2012), Black Lips (Jan 2012).
What’s next: Another international act is on the cards for early 2013.
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Underground Party People


Who: Members of Bangkok rock band The Standards and friends.
Why they’re hot: Popscene Live may have been launched by The Standards, whose members are British and Thai, but rather than hog all the limelight, the boys are all up for opening up the stage to some of the city’s finest, albeit largely unheard, underground bands, plus the odd international indie act.
Highlight reel: The most recent Popscene Live with The Chipmunks, A Band Called Malice and Noah’s Tape (Sep 2012), Popscene Live featuring Brett Newski (Sep 2011) and Popscene Live Zebra & Snake (Dec 2011).
What’s next: The next indie DJ night is set for Sep 21 at Café Democ while the next Popscene Live will be at The Robin Hood on Sep 28. The Standards will also be among the acts to play on the dedicated Popscene Stage (along with headliners Young Knives from the UK) at the Culture One festival on Nov 17.
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Who: This new collective only formed in Feb this year as a sort of spin-off from Club Soma. Members Som (Sirasa Kanchamas), Jib (Nisa Jewcharoen) and May (Nattanart Suprapatanant) promise a more specific music policy than their sister promoter.
Why they’re hot: Apart from their regular Britpop-centric DJ nights, which have all the ramshackle charm of a good house party, Goodcat are also supportive of fresh local underground acts performing both covers and their own material. These live sessions sometimes veer into masculine hard rock territory.
Highlight reel: Goodcat Loves Pulp (June, 2012), Goodcat Paw Fest (Aug, 2012).
What’s next: They’re planning a Beatles tribute night for early Oct.
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Movers, Shakers, Tastemakers


Who: DJ Maft Sai (Nattapon Siangsukon) and Chris Menist put on their first Paradise Bangkok party back in 2009, before launching their increasingly popular (and extremely hip) monthly Isan Dancehall nights.
Why they’re hot: Not too many people can lay claim to almost singlehandedly reviving entire genres, but ZudRangMa have brought not only Bangkok but the world’s attention to Isaan roots music. Mo lam and luuk thung have never been so cool! In addition to spinning Afro/Asian dancehall tunes from Accra to Ubon, they’ve presented local audiences with exciting acts like The Cambodian Space Project and opened new ears to one of the original Thai mo lam stars, Dao Bandon.
Highlight reel: Isan Dancehall 10 (Aug 2012), Paradise Bangkok 3rd Anniversary featuring Wong Dontri Molam Theppabutr, Saksiam Petchchompu and more (Feb 2012) and Paradise Bangkok with The Cambodian Space Project (Aug 2011).
What’s next: The next Isan Dancehall will be on Oct 18 at Cosmic Café with special guest the African music specialist and New York DJ Voodoo Funk.
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Club Soma

Who: Lady Soma (DJ Dookie) together with DJ Somarange, DJ Nosebleed and DJ/VJ Put.
Why they’re hot: Whether it’s fresh-faced indie acts or tribute nights to classic 90s Britpop, Club Soma have got you covered. And their parties are always such sweaty fun thanks to exciting new themes and ever-evolving lineups. The best news is that they’re planning to put on more live gigs in addition to their popular DJ sessions.
Highlight reel: Rebel Rebel Glamorous Indie Rock n’ Roll (Jul 2012), Yellow Submarine by Club Soma x Common Ground x Forever Delayed (Mar 2012), Summertime Party with The Drums (May, 2011).
What’s next for them: The Club Soma DJs will join the London Calling party hosted by Cheeze magazine and Dr. Martens, helping to bring British rock sounds to Sonic Ekkamai alongside bands like The Jukks and Blues’ Bar (Sep 26).
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