Having spent the last few years as house musicians at Jam Bar, these three friends—singer Aun, guitarist Aon and drummer Pop—are now set to achieve success in their own right as Moon. Their chart-topping opener “Ja Mee Mai,” a blend of solid American rock with hook-filled tunes and heartfelt vocals, sets the tone for their debut album Midnight, to be released on Jan 19.

Why “Moon?”
The word “moon” is short and easy to understand, but at the same time it means different things to many different people. For us, it represents hope. Sometimes the moon disappears from the sky, but it always reappears and shines again. No matter what the obstacles, if you put your effort into something, you can achieve even what seems to be impossible.

How did you guys get noticed?
Not long after we got together as Moon, I also got a chance to work with Sleeper 1 on Difference Parts 1 and 2. Nor Crescendo heard the songs and liked my voice, so he asked if I had a band; he helped produce our album.

What was it like working with him?
He is a great producer who allows the artists total creative freedom. He let us work and think by ourselves and also provided helpful guidance.
Aun: His three rules of thumb are that we have to hand in the work on time, the product needs to be high quality and, most importantly, we have to be proud of our effort before it is released.

Does experience performing in pubs help when you go on tour?
Pop: It helps a lot, but I still get nervous. In bars, no one cares about the musicians—the customers just dance at their tables. On tour, I feel a bit more pressure because we get a lot more attention from the audience.
Aun: Yes. It’s a whole different story. Playing in pubs, we cover already-popular songs, so it somewhat guarantees that the crowd will enjoy themselves. Our songs are totally new for them. The fans may not like them or can’t sing along. It’s harder to pull off the show, but we are proud of all the songs on the album.

What do you expect from the album?
I am 100% happy with it. It is our first album, but everything went very well from composing to recording.
Pop: Not much. It has been surprising for me to see how many people know and like our songs.
Aun: I’m not sure how I’ll feel in the future, but right now, I’m happy and proud of the album.


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