Street Talk Enter the fanatical world of Apismai Rojanasheewa, 53, a retiree who now spends all her free time demonstrating her love for artist Tol AF4 by wearing green and following him around the country. She tells us why she does it and offers some tips on how to be a proper fan.

BK: How did you become a member of his fan club?
My family all love music and I play the guitar. I watch every season of Academy Fantasia and I liked AF4 most. I developed a real crush on Wanthongchai “Tol” Indharawatra. I was just amazed by his talent; he is the first singer or celebrity that I become devoted to.

BK: How did your family feel about this?
All my family, my husband, my brother and my mom, also love him. My mom used to get up early just to watch him on the reality show every morning. We saw him 24 hours a day so we felt like he’s our little brother or son.

BK: What did you used to do for a job?
I used to be the manager of a private company before I took early retirement last year. Now I’m just a housewife, taking care of my mother and following Tol.

BK: How much money did you spend voting for him by SMS?
More than 5 digits.

BK: How did you keep up with what Tol’s up to your artist?
There are a lot of fan websites like or the Harrypottol room at We also have a production fan crew that captures every event that he goes to, but we make sure that we never intrude into his personal life.

BK: How has your life changed after developing a crush on him?
Other than following him, I have also been able to make a lot of new friends. We do good things together like making merit, and we eat out or travel together when we follow Tol out of town.

BK: What’s the qualification of being a fan?
Your family has to understand what you’re doing and you have to know your limits. Following an artist is not easy. It costs you a lot of money. I used to follow him to three events per day but I’ve never gone abroad like some of the other fans.

BK: Have you ever meet him in person?
Yes and he’s a really nice and honest guy. He treats his fans equally and is really strict about his fans’ behavior: no drugs and no playing truant just to come and see him. We also keep an eye out for each other and how we behave.

BK: What do you want to say to other fans?
You can be crazy about K-pop or J-pop but don’t forget the local artists. You should really support them as much as you can.


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