Lisa Ono was born in Brazil but moved to Japan at the age of 10, and there isn’t a song in the world that she can’t transform into a bosso nova hit. She’s done it with African, Arabic, Brazilian, French, Italian—even American Christmas carols.

In your pocket: Candy.

Never leave home without: Cellphone.

As a child: Loved singing.

In 20 years: I’ll keep singing.

All time fave song: Garota de Ipanema.

On a night out you… : Go somewhere to listen to music.

Last lie: I told my sons that Santa Claus really exists.

First job: Singer.

Idol: Antonio Carlos Jobim

Reading: Harry Potter.

Remembered as: A singer touching hearts.

Most annoying thing I have to encounter every day: Junk mail.

Love that job: Cleaning the house.

Most inspirational person: Dalai Lama.

Close your eyes and listen to my music, you will see: Peace.

Bossa nova never dies because: It can heal the heart.

Three words for your performance at Bangkok Jazz Festival: First experience, togetherness, easy listening.

Lisa is performing at the Bangkok Jazz Festival ( on Sat, Dec 16 (see concerts, page 24).


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