Performing in their friend’s kitchen, Los Angeles-based Thai band Room39, Chutimon “Mon” Vichitrissadee, 26 , Isara “Tom” Kitnitchee, 22 and Olran “Wan Yai” Chujai, 30, have become an overnight hit in Thailand after posting their videos on YouTube.

BK: Where were you before LA?
I was born in Bangkok and after studying in Japan and working in Thailand, I decided to go study marketing and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
Tom: I used to be a child actor on Channel 3’s drama Ruen Mayura and did acting jobs until I was sixteen when my family moved to LA.
Wan Yai: I was born in Saraburi and graduated in psychology from Srinakharinwirot University. I ended up studying Engineering and Technology at California State University of Los Angeles and playing music by night.

BK: How did you meet up?
Wan Yai:
We met at Krueng Tate Restaurant. I played music with Tom and then we met Mon there.
Mon: I asked his band to play some songs by female artists but they couldn’t sing them, so I got up on the stage. That was three years ago.

BK: Why did you post your music on Youtube?
We had some free time and just did it for fun.

BK: Why Room39?
Our friend, Baworn “Opac” Abhaiwong, is the owner of an apartment and it is room number 39, so we took his place as our name. He’s now going back to open a studio in Thailand.

BK: Have you guys ever taken singing classes?
Never. I just joined some competitions. I used to be one of the Pepsi Kids and went on stage with Michael Jackson. I was so delighted. I also sang on the soundtrack for channel 7’s drama Kehaas Saeng Chan.
Tom: I used to study with Kru Rungrodj Dullapan.
Wan Yai: Never.

BK: Why do you always make your music videos at home?
Opac’s room is so convenient even if it’s not perfect. We just set up in the kitchen or living room with the concept “use what we have and take it easy.”

BK: Ever tried the toilet?
No, it’s too small.

BK: How do you feel about the feedback from Thai fans?
We’re so excited that so many people are interested in us. After someone posted our video on, our total upload views revealed over a million! We even have a fanclub.

BK: What are you doing now?
We’re working on our first single with Boyd Kosiyabong under the Loveis label. We might come over and see our Thai fans in November.

Watch the trio perform a cover version of Groove Riders' "Kae Thur Kor Por" here:


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