Fine dining in your condo kitchen.

DEAL: Get Bo.lan pinto boxes for B1,500 and fresh, ready-to-cook food and recipes for as little as B800.
Chefs Dylan Jones and Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava of Bo.lan are sending their must-try fine dining directly to your door. You can order a traditional menu that includes a salad, curry, relish, stir fry and rice for B1,500, plus delivery costs. All food will be served in reusable pinto boxes that are available for purchase or, for a small deposit, can be picked up. Wine options are also available for delivery, which is music to our ears.
Bo.lan also operates a grocery, offering items like fish sauce, palm sugar, fresh coconut cream, curry paste and shrimp paste. And so, on top of meal delivery, they will be offering CSA (community-sourced agriculture) packages that will be filled with organic veggies, curry pastes, proteins of the day and eggs with suggested recipes for cooking at home. The Starter Box is priced at B800, while the Bo.lan Essential Box is B1,600 and includes staple Thai ingredients with a long shelf life.
Their casual dining spot Err, meanwhile, is delivering “Err-mergency” rations, which consist of single plate sets like green curry chicken, morning glory and pickled mustard greens with rice or khanom jeen (B360), or moo hong (pork belly stew), egg salad and rice (B200).
How to order: Orders can be placed between 2-5:30pm via Line (@bolanoffice and @errbangkok) or by phone (Bo.lan: ‎02-260-2962; Err: 02-622-2292). Visit Bo.lans Facebook page or website for more information.
Credit: Bo.lan
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