Thailand is in mourning, and the government has called for people to acknowledge a 30-day period without entertainment. As a result, many events in Bangkok have been canceled, both this weekend and for the coming weeks.

We’ve been calling around venues and organizers to keep you updated on what changes have occurred.

While for now many future events cannot confirm whether they are canceled or not, we have compiled a list below of what we know so far.

For many restaurants and bars, the situation is business as usual. At Mandarin Oriental’s Bamboo Bar, for example, they are remaining open throughout the weekend, though there will be no live music as a mark of respect.

Studio Lam will also be canceling all events for the next 30 days, though the bar will be open as usual from this weekend onwards.

Nightclubs are less likely to be open, with Ce La Vi, Demo, Sing Sing, Beam and Live RCA all closed until further notice. 

As for Halloween, almost everywhere we spoke to has canceled, and the rest were unable to confirm.

Below you will find a full list of venues which will close this weekend or until further notice.

For restaurants, you can expect most places to remain open, though we highly recommend calling ahead to check with the venue before you head out.

Here’s an update on what we know so far for events:

Definitely Happening

  • Artbox Chatuchak (but no live performances and no alcohol sold)
  • Book Expo @ Queen Sirikit (through Oct 24)
  • Friese Greene Club screenings
  • BIG+BIH Fair (Oct 19-26)
  • Run for King 2016 (Dec 5)
  • Chasing the Light by David Longstreath @ Cho Why (Oct 28-30)
  • The Knack Market (Oct 28-30)

Definitely Canceled


  • Melody of Life 10 (Oct 14-15)
  • Morrissey (Oct 18)
  • Lydmor and Saint Cava (Oct 21)
  • Scorpions 50th Anniversary Tour (Oct 26)
  • 2016 Bigbang Made [V.I.P] Tour in Bangkok (Oct 29-30)
  • Urban Music Festival (Nov 12)


  • Kolour Warehouse Party (Oct 15-16)
  • Kontraband by Dark Bar (Oct 15)
  • Karma Kamp (Oct 15-16)
  • La Fiesta Monita (Nov 5)
  • Heineken Green Room (Nov 4)


  • Dear Organ, Dear Klity film screening at BACC (Oct 15)
  • Bangkok Street Show (Dec 10-12)
  • Bangkok Theatre Festival (Oct 28-Nov 13)
  • The rest of Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music’s shows (through Oct 17)


  • Color Run (Oct 15-16)
  • Bangkok Open Air Cinema (Oct 15)
  • Dream Property exhibition @ Bangkok Citycity Gallery (Oct 15)
  • Documentary Club screening of Oasis Supersonic (Oct 17)
  • Bangkok Symphony Orchestra: The Sound of Thai Heritage (Oct 21)
  • TK Park screening of White God (Oct 22)
  • Winter Vibes Market (Oct 23)
  • Let's Move to TCDC Charoenkrung (Oct 30)
  • Big Food (Nov 6)


  • Guns N' Roses (Feb 28, 2017)


  • Wonderfruit - Feb 16-19, 2017
  • Music Run - date TBA
  • Rabbit on the Boat - date TBA
  • Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band album launch - date TBA
  • Dudesweet Party of 1999 - date TBA
  • Cat Expo 3D - date TBA
  • Grass on the Moon music festival - date TBA
  • Another World Festival - date TBA
  • ETC Journey Concert - date TBA
  • Barbie Run - date TBA
  • Bangkok 10K Run - date TBA
  • Modern Dog concert - date TBA
  • Let the Boy Die 1st anniversary - date TBA
  • Chladni Chandi live at Studio Lam - date TBA
  • Noise Market - date TBA
  • Bangkok World Film Festival - moved to Jan 20-29
  • Siam Paragon Together Run - date TBA
  • Eat Drink Pink - date TBA
  • Bangkok Underground Film Festival 2016 (but submissions are still open) - date TBA 
  • Mystic Valley Festival - date TBA 
  • Bryan Adams - date TBA

An overview of what some venues are doing

  • Studio Lam: remains open but events canceled for one month
  • Beam: closed until further notice
  • Jam: closed this weekend, all events are canceled  
  • Let the Boy Die: closed this weekend
  • Whiteline: closed until further notice
  • SF Cinema: all branches closed on Friday only  
  • House RCA: closed Friday only
  • Demo: closed until further notice
  • Live RCA: closed until further notice
  • Sing Sing Theater: closed until further notice
  • Maggie Choo’s: closed until Tuesday (Oct 18)
  • Ce La Vi: closed until further notice
  • Havana Social: closed until further notice
  • Bangkok CityCity Gallery: closed until Wednesday (Oct 19)

This story was edited to say that the Guns N' Roses concert is currently unconfirmed. It has not yet been canceled.