How many spots do you recognize?

Local skateboard company Preduce has just released its latest full-length skate video free on Youtube (see below).

The video, called "Preduce Skateboards, SuperMix, shows scenes of Bangkok skate culture from all across the city, showcasing the talents of the Preduce team and a few of Bangkok's best local skaters.

The video follows a long history of Preduce skate videos, going back to 2005’s Smooth and the internationally recognized Sambai from 2009.

Among a whole lot of painful fails and incredible skating scenes, there are also plenty of recognizable Bangkok spots, while other parts of the video were filmed all across the country.

“Supermix is like a greatest music mix,” says Preduce team skater Tao Kitpullap in this interview ( “It’s a crazy mix, all kinds of styles.”

The film, which runs for 40 minutes, also puts the emphasis on young Thai skaters: “A mixture of Preduce Skaters from different generations, vibes in the team and everything”

Local skaters featured in the video include: Aod Suriyan, Joseph Sirinut, Fifa Tintan, Lert Saeri, Levi Adams, Tao Kitpullap, Demit Cuevas and Absar Lebeh. The video closes with two in-depth features on Geng Jakkarin and Jasper Dohrs.

Check out the full feature here: